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Delta Hospice’s Centre of Supportive Care working around COVID-19

Loss and grief, along life-threatening health issues are difficult to navigate in the best of times.
Virtual music therapy is among the programs being offered by the Delta Hospice Centre of Supportive Care as it works around COVID-19.

Loss and grief, along life-threatening health issues are difficult to navigate in the best of times. COVID-19 has made this more challenging and isolating for many people who have lost loved ones during or prior to the pandemic or are living with life-threatening illness.

Delta Hospice Society’s Centre for Supportive Care has not stopped providing supportive and bereavement services to the Delta community during this unprecedented global event.

According to a Society news release, most of these services are offered remotely though there is a limited number of in-person offerings too.

Supportive services include Restorative Yoga, a long-standing and valued resource for people living with cancer. It is offered via video which makes access so easy.

The drop-in Relaxation Circle is another supportive service that is for people living with life-threatening illness. An added bonus is that family members may attend too. This is offered by video as well.

Individual bereavement counselling services are available in video, telephone and in-person formats. Clients appreciate this variety of ways to obtain support especially when their social interactions have been limited due to COVID-19.

Bereavement group services continue-virtually! The well-established Adult Grief Group is offered many times during the year and the newer drop-in Suicide Bereavement Support Group is offered monthly. Feedback from group participants has been very positive as groups allow connection with others when physical distancing has become a pandemic health and safety requirement.

Music Therapy continues as an important component of the Society’s array of services. The music therapists offer both virtual and in-person sessions.

New to the Society is its library of Relaxation Videos crafted to help address insomnia, anxiety, pain and overall mind-body discomfort. A specialized video on Anticipating Holidays & Special Occasions While Grieving is now available for those in need of this resource. These videos are  available on the Society’s website (

Due to the pandemic, the Society’s annual Celebration-of-Life event is now being offered remotely. For more details on how to honour your loved ones, past and present, contact the Society.

Delta Hospice Society is here for the community. Know that it is only a phone call or email away.

For more info about programs and services, call 604-948-0660 or email