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Delta throwback: Changes coming for Scott Road

The busy Scott Road corridor see some major changes with even more high-density housing
scott road, north delta 1986
The Scottsdale Mall back in the 1980s.

Here's an ad in the Optimist for Scottsdale Mall on the Delta side of Scott road back in November 1986.

Fast forward more than three decades later and major changes are being eyed by Delta for the corridor as high-density developments are starting to appear.

Delta’s first skyscraper along the corridor is the 37-storey Delta Rise tower.

Last year, council granted approval for an application to build a 29-storey, mixed-use development in the 9300-block of Scott Road and 11900 block of 93A Avenue. 

Council late last year also heard a presentation from the proponent behind a plan, which is still in the preliminary stages with an application still to be submitted, for a major redevelopment of the Delta Shoppers Mall that would see 813 new residential units.

A high-density housing development will be coming later this year for the now vacant North Delta Inn site, while a separate condo application would see new housing fronting the location. A condo complex next door has already gone up. 

A new condo complex is to be built down the street at the corner of 75A Avenue at Scott Road. 

The recommendations in a final report by the Mayor's Housing Task Force for Scott Road includes a new land use concept that divides the corridor into three main districts, composed of six walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, the Townline Neighbourhood is one of the nodes along Scott Road, identified in the North Delta Area Plan, planned for much higher density development.

Work is still on-going on a new Townline Special Development Area Concept Plan to guide future development in that area.