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Delta to hold hearing on shed rule changes

Delta staff reviewed height limits in other cities
sheds in Delta
The majority of complaints about accessory structures in Delta are about height.

The City of Delta is holding a public hearing next Tuesday on proposed changes to shed rules.

The changes are in response to resident complaints about accessory structure heights.

“In single detached and duplex neighbourhoods, accessory structures are intended to accommodate garden sheds, workshops, storage and other similar uses. Given they are mainly located in rear yards and are permitted to have minimal setbacks to rear and interior side lot lines, taller accessory buildings can impact access to light and views to vegetation/green space from adjoining properties, “ a staff report explains.

The proposed new regulations reduce the permitted height of flat roofed accessory structures from 12-to-10 feet, and the permitted height of pitched roofed accessory structures from 12-to-10 feet to the mid-roof and from 15-to-12 feet to the roof ridge.

The new height reductions do not apply to detached garages, which are accessible from a street or lane and designed to accommodate vehicles.

The heights are similar to regulations in Richmond.

Staff previously told council that there is currently no restriction on the number of accessory structures or the maximum size for an accessory building.

A dwelling can have an accessory structure that is 210-square-feet without it counting toward the maximum floor area of the house.

Accessory structures that are larger would require a building permit.

Accessory structures up to 109-square-feet in size do not require a building permit, but they must comply with the setback requirements of the relevant zone.

Accessory structures are also not to be used for habitation.

An accessory structure may also have one plumbing fixture, limited to a sink, unless there is an in-ground pool on the property, in which case three plumbing fixtures are permitted.

The public hearing on Jan. 26 will be held online and can be viewed on the city’s website at: