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Elections Canada short on poll workers in Delta

Measures in place to protect poll workers and electors
Working at the polls gives people an opportunity to see democracy at work up close and to make a real contribution to their communities, says Marantz.

Elections Canada is still looking for poll workers in Delta for the upcoming federal election.

Spokesperson Andrea Marantz told the Optimist there have been challenges during this election and some misunderstanding of the health and safety measures that will be in place for the people working at the polling stations.

Marantz noted a comprehensive series of safety measures will be place.

“We have had people telling us that they are reluctant to apply to work as a poll worker because of the COVID situation. While we certainly understand people’s concerns, we wanted to reassure people that we have been working with Canada Health Agency and local health authorities ever since the start of the pandemic and developed measures to keep people save, both the electors and the workers,” she explained.

“We’ve got physical distancing measures. We have physical boundaries like plexiglass screens between electors and poll workers. We have masks in place in case anyone forgets theirs, but, of course, it’s a requirement. We have well-marked physical distancing and in some cases the poll workers will be given face shields as well as the masks. We have a whole suite of measures to keep people safe.”

More information about the jobs available can be viewed at

Applications can be made online and your postal code will be directed to the returning office nearest to your address, noted Marantz.