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Ladner residents raise Admiral Way parking concerns

Residents are raising concern about the street parking on Admiral Way and what will happen once the final build-out at Marina Gardens Estates is complete
marina gardens townhouse development
The comments and concerns the city has been receiving included impacts from the new townhouse units to street parking and neighbourhood traffic.

Delta council recently approved a development variance permit for a construction project at    

Captain's Cove Marina, but area residents have been writing to the city concerned about its impacts.

The variance is for a housing project at 5311 Admiral Way to reduce the minimum east and west setbacks in order to permit projecting exterior stairs.

The 125-unit townhouse project is the final development site within Hampton Cove in the Marina Garden Estates neighbourhood, a master planned community in Ladner.

A report to council notes several residents have contacted staff with questions and concerns, however, the comments received were unrelated to the proposed variance for proposed exterior stairs.

Those concerns included density and street parking, particularly on Admiral Boulevard.

“Parking on Admiral Way is currently congested with vehicles from Hampton Cove. Owners use their garage for storage and the parking aprons are not long enough to park their vehicles. If owners at 5311 also park on Admiral Way instead of in their complex, congestion will increase making it dangerous for traffic (be it cars, bikes, buses or emergency vehicles) and pedestrian navigation,” one letter writer noted.

The resident requested the city consider requiring the developer to have enlarged parking aprons so that owners can park their vehicles on their aprons rather than Admiral Way.

Another area resident wrote, “The traffic and parking are problematic now, there is a saturation point and we are very close to it.”

The report to council notes that the proposal is consistent with the allowable density which was approved through zoning in 2015, and supported by a traffic impact analysis.

“All required parking is proposed to be provided on-site. The Engineering Department has recently undertaken consultation related to boat trailer parking on the street and is working to resolve street parking concerns with the neighbourhood,” the report adds.

Approved several years ago, the application by Captain's Cove Marina and Polygon Homes for the final phase of development will see a total of 674 new housing units (94 condos and 580 townhouse units) in the Ladner subdivision.

It also includes 16,146-square-feet of neighbourhood commercial space and parking for the marina, a linear waterfront park, construction of a new clubhouse and maintenance building on the Links at Hampton Cove golf course.

A building permit for the commercial development has been issued and is anticipated to be completed within 18 months, according to planning staff.

The north portion of the property at 5311 Admiral Way is being used for interim marina parking and would not be developed until the parking is relocated to the commercial site at 5519 Admiral Way.

The development now taking place is a big change from an original master plan.