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McDonald seeks seventh term

Veteran councillor to once again run as an independent in November

Longtime councillor Bruce McDonald officially announced Monday he will seek re-election in this November's civic election.

First elected in 1987, McDonald has served six terms on Delta council, topping the polls in four of those elections.

A Delta resident since 1968, McDonald said this week he has provided leadership in the building of Delta into what he believes is "the best part of the best part of the world."

Extending and strengthening police and services, developing parks and recreational facilities, streamlining engineering and improving programs for residents are all important achievements during his tenure, he stated.

McDonald, a member of Delta's finance committee and other advisory bodies, said he is proud that successive councils have been able to provide major improvements while almost eliminating Delta's debt and holding taxes to below average levels.

He does, however, have serious concerns about costs imposed by Metro Vancouver, TransLink and other agencies that, he said, cannot be permitted to saddle Delta with escalating costs without any accountability.

"Metro Vancouver and TransLink have evolved into bloated bureaucracies that believe Delta and other suburbs are simply cash cows with an endless supply of money," McDonald said.

"At the same time they feel no need to provide commensurate service to those same tax communities. This has got to stop."

McDonald said he's running as an independent again because he wants to represent Delta's citizens and not a political party or a single issue.

"I believe in working together to find solutions arrived at through co-operation and compromise. I do my research and I exercise my judgment based on experience and knowledge of the complex issues which come before council. I am looking forward to serving the people of Delta if reelected."

McDonald, who twice ran unsuccessfully for mayor, confirmed to the Optimist several weeks ago he'd run again for council.