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New application for Four Winds at Tsawwassen's Southlands

Another application to build a Four Winds eatery/brewing facility at the Southlands
new four winds application by century group at the southlands
The application to build a brew pub at the Southlands still has to be reviewed by city planning staff and various advisory committees before going to council for consideration.

There’s a new proposal by Four Winds Brewing Company and Century Group to build a brew facility at the Southlands.

In postings on social media on Monday, Four Winds noted it has been working closely with Century Group for a number of years trying to bring a new brewery and restaurant to the development.

This week, Century Group filed an application with the City of Delta for a development permit for a mixed-use building at the Southlands Market District.

The proposed building complies with the current zoning regulations for the Southlands and meets the expectations the city set out when it changed the zoning to allow a “brew pub” designation in the Market District, Four Winds states.

Century Group, in a company news release, explained the development will be anchored on Market Avenue with an 8,600-square-foot Four Winds craft brewery and restaurant and will contain 35 residences in the form of garden flats and stacked townhomes.

The company also noted the proposal complies with the current zoning regulations that pertain to Southlands.

“We have been talking with the Mills' family for a number of years now about bringing Four Winds to Southlands to create a social gathering place for the local community that focuses on our aligned passion around local food and agriculture,” Century Group president Sean Hodgins explained. “We are pleased we were able to plan a mixed-use building that not only creates a wonderful social space with Four Winds’ excellent food and beverage offerings that are all about local farming and food, but also one that can accommodate homes for families at all stages of their lives.

“Moreover, it meets the requirements of the City’s zoning and is totally in keeping with our commitment to excellence in neighbourhood planning and the unique Neo-Traditional architecture that now defines Southlands.”

Four Winds Brewing Company’s Adam Mills said he and his brother Brent have been involved with Century Group in designing a mixed-use building that meets Delta’s expectations.

He said the proposed building limits their brewing facility at Southlands to just under 2,600 square feet, but provides the ideal space for a small batch specialty brewhouse and restaurant.

“We look forward to highlighting local while furthering our culinary explorations and community engagement,” added Mills. “We’ve long had this vision of being part of the unique Southlands community. We know that it will take a couple of years to construct the building. Like many of our customers, we can hardly wait to be sitting down, looking out over Southlands’ fields while enjoying a beer and great food with our neighbours and friends."

Previous application defeated

In 2019, city council voted 4-3 to defeat a previous proposal by Four Winds and Century that would have seen a new brewery and eatery housed in a 30,000-square-foot building at the Tsawwassen development.

That proposal to build a craft brewery and 200-seat restaurant in the commercial component of the Southlands would have contained the brewing and bottling part of the operation, while the warehousing and distribution would have been handled at an industrial location elsewhere.