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New plan coming for Delta parks & rec

The plan is to fill a missing link between the city's corporate plans and parks department work plans and park-specific master plans
delta parks & sports fields
A new strategic plan for parks and recreation facilities in Delta will take a couple of years to complete.

The city is working on a new long-term plan for parks and rec facilities.

A report by city manager Sean McGill to the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission notes while the parks the department has an existing work plan, as well as developing individual master plans for major parks, a missing link between the overall city plans and the departmental plans is a departmental parks, recreation and culture strategic plan.

He noted that in recent months, staff have begun the creation of such a document, provisionally titled The Parks, Recreation & Culture Foundational Plan.

However, more community consultation and analysis is required.

“Through a detailed analysis of the current state and future needs, the Strategic Plan will identify a vision, priorities, and detailed actions to support the department's efforts to serve the community across all PR&C service areas over the next 15 to 20 years. It will also align the department's policies, plans, and strategies under one governing plan, which can then be operationalized through an updated PR&C Work Plan,” McGill explained.

The plan is to be developed through extensive public consultation to ensure the current and future needs and aspirations of the community are considered.

McGill added that council and the parks and recreation commission will be updated and consulted throughout the process as well.

Taking two years to complete, the final document will allow staff to update the department’s work plan to identify and implement short-term actions at council’s direction.

The cost of the undertaking is estimated to be around $200,000.

Mayor George Harvie, meanwhile, recently held another Sports Summit to discuss user group needs throughout the city and their ideas.