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Reach Society receives funding for virtual learning aids

Delta Foundation supports with grant
Reach donation
In the photo shown, an Applied Behaviour Analysis program client is using an iPad with visual learning application that helps him to learn how to initiate requests.

Reach Child and Youth Development Society (REACH) was supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Delta Foundation this summer because of COVID-19 impact on in-person therapy services.

REACH received a $25,805 grant in July from their Emergency Community Support Fund to help with virtual service delivery. 

This funding was used for virtual learning aids in REACH Early Intervention therapy programs.

These learning aids are important for skill development, behaviour modelling, reduction, aquisition and sensory processing. REACH staff use iPads to deliver services, in person and remotely and to observe sessions and coach families. Each iPad includes tools for skills development, behaviour modelling, reduction, acquisition, and sensory processing.

“For parents with a child with special needs, this time is especially challenging,” says Development Manager Kristin Bibbs. “The funding received from the Delta Foundation, thanks to the Emergency Community Support Fund, has assisted REACH in ensuring as many vulnerable families as possible continue to receive the critical support they need to foster their child's optimal development at home.”