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Someone is selling a bunch of vintage matchbooks from iconic (and forgotten) Vancouver restaurants

How many of thse businesses do you recognize?

Remember paper matches?

They still exist, but nowhere to the extent they used to be; there was a time when every hotel and restaurant had its own branded matchbook up on the front desk. If you remember them and want to collect them, there's a Craigslist ad you should see.

Posted a month ago, it offers 180 vintage matchbooks. Almost all of them are from Vancouver and B.C. Many, if not most, are from spots that don't exist anymore.

For example, there's Oscar's. At 701 Burrard St. it would sit across from Hotel Vancouver, offering up 'king size steaks' according to the matches, encouraging people to "Rendezvous at Oscar's."

There's also a series from cafes along Granville Street: Love's Cafe, New Olympic Cafe and Purdy's Cafe. There's even one from Granville Island; the British Rope's Canadian Factory Limited put out one advertising their blue strand wire rope.

There's even one for the Hobbit House Restaurant.

Not everything has shuttered, there's a matchbook from the Penthouse Night Club, advertising its 'World of Girls'.

There're other fun local names, as well, like BC Ferries, an Expo 86 pack and Seagram's Whiskey. Maybe that last one isn't so local.

From around the province, Revelstoke is represented by the Alpine Motel, Penticton pops up with the Pilgrim House and Quesnel's New Nugget Restaurant (featuring a big yellow 'nugget') show's up as well. As does Francie's Famous Restaurant in Williams Lake, the Oak Bay Marina Restaurant in Victoria and Ryan's Drive Inn in Hope.

Also still around is Rexall, the Empress Hotel and a branch of the Legion.

The whole batch is running for $80, or about $0.45 a pack.

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