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South Delta Crime Beat: Big week for scams and thefts from auto

Instagram account hacked in one reported scam case this week in Ladner
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Files of interest for this week from Delta Police.

The purpose of the Crime Beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in South Delta and other files of interest. If you see anything occurring that you believe to be suspicious, call 911 for in-progress crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.

The following are some of the calls Delta police responded to for the week of June 13 to 20:


*June 15, 5300 block of Upland Drive: Complainant received a package from a delivery company which was missing a set of Airpods. The delivery company indicated the package had been delivered to the wrong address and re-delivered to the complainant a week later.  A police report was required by the delivery company.

*June 15, 900 block of 55A Street: When complainant returned to their residence after being absent during the evening, they realized they had left their garage door open and a Stihl leaf blower had been stolen. Complainant canvassed the neighbourhood but with negative results.

*June 16, Unit block of English Bluff Road: Complainant reported their unlocked vehicle had been rummaged through the previous night while parked in the driveway. Approximately $40 in change stolen.

*June 17, 4900 Block of 6th Avenue: Complainant reported their wallet was stolen from their unlocked vehicle while they were working in the area. Wallet contained driver’s license, credit and debit cards. Complainant indicated all bank cards had been cancelled and no fraudulent transactions had been made.

*June 18, Highway 17 and Salish Sea Drive: Police conducted a police stop of a vehicle which was being driven at inconsistent speeds and braking suddenly. The driver was observed to have glossy eyes and a distinct odour of liquor on their breath. Two breath samples from the driver resulted in readings of “warn.” The driver was given a three-day driving prohibition and served with an Immediate Roadside Prohibition. The vehicle was removed from the roadway by the spouse of the driver. 

*June 18, 4900 block of Chehalis Drive: Complainant reported that sometime overnight their unlocked vehicle parked in front of their residence had been rummaged through.  Nothing of value stolen from the vehicle.

*June 19, 1700 block of 58th Street: Complainant reported that sometime during the past day or night someone had entered their unlocked vehicle and stolen their passport and small change. Police canvassed the surrounding homes and a neighbour advised they had recovered the passport. Police returned passport to the complainant.


*June 13, 4900 block of 58th Street: Complainant reported their Instagram account had been hacked and they were locked out of the account. As a consequence they have been receiving messages and phone calls requesting money. Complainant has blocked all calls and reported the calls to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and will register with Equifax to insure no financial frauds are committed. Report submitted for information only.

*June 14, 4600 block of 46A Street: Complainant reported they had met a person on social media who promised to use photos from the complainant in return for a share of the profits. The complainant received approximately $2,000 in cheques which proved to be fraudulent from the unknown person.

*June 15, 5300 block of Ladner Trunk Road: Complainant completed a web application for what they assumed was Arrive-Canada. A fraudulent charge of $50 was made to the complainant’s credit card which they were able to freeze and no loss was incurred. Further protective measures were taken with the bank.

*June 16, 6400 block of Highway 17: Police stopped a vehicle with a Washington State license plate speeding at approximately 140 km/h as clocked by radar. The driver was charged with driving at an excessive speed and their vehicle impounded.

The driver and passenger left the scene on foot.

*June 17, 5200 block of Ladner Trunk Road: A business reported a person had left the store without paying for two bottles of vodka valued at $51.99 each. The bottles were concealed underneath the suspects’ blue hoodie. The business provided police with the name of a possible suspect.

*June 18, 4700 block of 46th Street: Complainant reported they had received an email from Canada Post indicating they had a parcel which the complainant could claim on receipt of a small payment of money. The complainant provided their credit card information before they realized the situation was fraudulent. The complainant has cancelled their credit card.

*June 19, 3500 block of Highway 17: Police followed a vehicle which had its right turn signal on and was swerving from side-to-side within its own lane. A vehicle stop was initiated by police. The driver admitted to having “two drinks tonight.”

Two breath samples provided by the driver both read “warn.” As a result the driver was required to surrender their driver’s license and was given a three-day roadside suspension.  The vehicle was impounded and the driver and their passengers left the area in a taxi.