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South Delta Crime Beat: Lots of speeding and impaired calls for officers

The following are some of the calls Delta police responded to in the previous week
city of delta police
Files of interest this week for South Delta.

The purpose of the Crime Beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in South Delta and other files of interest. If you see anything occurring that you believe to be suspicious, call 911 for in-progress crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.

The following are some of the calls Delta police responded to in the previous week:


*June 14, 10:38 p.m., Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal: An employee called police to report a possible impaired driver aboard the incoming ferry, which had just arrived at the terminal. The driver was sleeping/passed out and hard to rouse while sitting behind the wheel of the vehicle as traffic on the ferry was disembarking. The employee reported that the driver had tinfoil in his hand and was acting “out of it” once awake. Police attended and the driver admitted that he had driven the vehicle onto the ferry and intended to drive. The driver explained that the tin foil seen was from packaging from a recent purchase. The driver denied that there were any drugs or alcohol and stated he was just tired/sleeping. Ferry staff drove the vehicle off of the ferry and a Standardized Field Sobriety Test demand was read. The driver performed well on the test administered by police and was determined fit to drive.

*June 16, 400 Pebble Hill Park: Complainant sent in a letter to police regarding consistent issues with youth at a nearby park. Police spoke with the complainant who stated that for the past 30 years, the park has had an issue with youth congregating at the reservoir that is on the park and trespassing, drinking alcohol, littering, and smoking marijuana. The complainant stated that she would be contacting the city in order to look into putting up more secure fencing around the reservoir in order to make trespassing more challenging. Police informed the complainant that a file had been created to inform members to conduct extra patrols in the area as a way to deter the youth from trespassing into the reservoir. The complainant stated that she was satisfied with this solution and would contact police if there were any further issues.

*June 17, 1500 block 56 Street: Complainant called to report that there was an unconscious and unresponsive male in his vehicle parked in the lot of a nearby convenience store. Police arrived and found the driver sleeping in the driver's seat of his vehicle. Upon waking him, the driver stated that he had been working and had stopped at the convenience store and had accidentally fallen asleep in his car. Police read the driver an Approved Screening Device demand to satisfy that the driver had not consumed any alcohol. The driver advised he had had nothing to drink and the breath sample provided proved that. Police warned the driver about driving while sleep deprived, who was receptive to police advice. The driver was confirmed to not be impaired and was sent on his way.

*June 18, 9:44 a.m., 700 block Boundary Bay Road: Complainant called police to report that a vehicle was speeding, crossed a double yellow line, and almost hit at pedestrian. Police spoke with the complainant who stated that she wanted the incident documented and that a warning be issued to the driver of the vehicle. Police followed up with the driver, who was advised of the complaint. The driver provided clarification regarding the pedestrian and stated that she crossed the line to drive around a cyclist. The driver was issued a warning and confirmed that she understood. Police updated the complainant, who appreciated the follow up.

*June 19, 4:10 a.m., 2300 block Highway 17: Police observed a vehicle swerving in the road. Police conducted a traffic stop to check for sobriety and formed suspicion that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. An Approved Screening Device demand was read and the driver provided a breath sample showing the driver had some alcohol in her system. As the driver had an “N” driver’s license, they were issued a 12-hour license prohibition. Police seized the driver’s license and issued her a violation ticket for drive contrary to driver's license restrictions, as her two friends were in the vehicle.

*June 19, 8:16 p.m., Salish Sea Drive.: Complainant reported a possible impaired driver who was seen driving a vehicle with a trailer. Police arrived in the area and located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Police read the driver an Approved Screening Device demand and the driver provided a breath sample resulting in a “pass.” Police deemed the driver to not be impaired, but issued the driver a violation ticket for failing to display a front plate on the vehicle and failing to have the reacquired lamp. The trailer attached to the vehicle was unfit for the road and was towed.


*June 15, 9:18 a.m., 4800 Delta Street: Complainant contacted police to report a male standing in front of a nearby clothing store who was yelling to himself and appeared to be high. Police responded to the scene and located a grossly intoxicated male who was unable to communicate where he was staying or who he was staying with due to his level of intoxication. During the interaction with police, the male grew belligerent and was placed under arrest for public intoxication.

*June 15, 4:12 p.m., 4900 block 59a Street: Complainant, the owner of two BB pellet guns, requested police to attend to his residence and pick up both guns and a package of pellets. Police picked up the BB guns and pellets and submitted them for destruction.

*June 16, 12:05 a.m., 4700 block 55b Street: Complainant reported a vehicle driving erratically and felt that the driver was possibly impaired. The vehicle was reported leaving the area at a high rate of speed. Police conducted patrols and once located, conducted a traffic stop. The driver advised they were visiting a friend and were returning back home. Police confirmed that the driver was not impaired and warned him about his driving behaviour.

*June 16, 7:12 a.m., 6500 block Highway 17: Police observed a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed with rear radar locking speed at 138 km/h, with police travelling at a speed of 92 km/h. Police activated their emergency lights and conducted an immediate traffic stop. The driver was charged with excessive speeding and served a violation ticket.

*June 19, 8:42 p.m., 3400 block Highway 17: Police conducted a traffic stop after a vehicle was captured on radar going 138 km/h in a posted 80 km/h zone. A search of the driver’s license revealed that the driver was unlicensed and was a candidate for vehicle impoundment. The driver was subsequently served an excessive speed ticket, an unlicensed prohibition and a seven-day vehicle impoundment.