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Speeding driver excuse is a head scratcher says DPD traffic unit

“Let’s all drive safe and slow down,” said DPD.
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Police officers encounter excuses from drivers all the time trying to get out of a ticket, but this one offered to a member of the Delta police traffic unit recently is quite ironic.

“One common question our officers get asked when we do a Facebook and/or Instagram live is, ‘what are some excuses that people give for why they're speeding?’,” said DPD on its Facebook page. “Our officers have heard every excuse under the sun - you name it, they've heard it, but one of our traffic team members served a driver an excessive speeding violation ticket for travelling 140 km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone. What was the rush? He was on his way to traffic court.”

DPD officers also focused some extra time on road safety and in a short period of time four excessive speed tickets were issued – 133 km in 80 zone, 140 km in 80 zone, 169 km in 80 zone and 130 km in an 80 zone.

“Let’s all drive safe and slow down,” said DPD.