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Throwback: Delta's 'Good Citizens'

The Delta Board of Trade at the time only made the recognition when a noteworthy recipient had been found
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Tamboline of Westham Island.

Let’s head back to the December 1960 pages of the Optimist.

A front page story featured Mr. and Mrs. William E. Tamboline of Westham Island being chosen by the Delta Board of Trade to receive that year’s Good Citizen Award.

The presentation would be made at the board’s 50th anniversary dinner in the Ladner high school auditorium, an event attended by hundreds.

At that time, seven well-known Delta citizens were honoured as Good Citizens since the board of trade started making the recognition in 1951.

John Gibson, a former president of the board and member of council, was the first honoured in 1951.

The board, later known as the Delta Chamber of Commerce, did not choose a Good Citizen every year. Instead, the board made the recognition only when a noteworthy recipient had been found.

The Tambolines were the first couple to receive the award.

George Massey was a recipient the year prior.

The others who received the award were Smith Wright, Mrs. E.R Bell, Ted Taylor, Clarence Cooper and J. Percy Smith.

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