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Vaccine proof required for Delta seniors' rec centre programs

Seniors potentially at a greater risk from the effects of contracting COVID-19
McKee Seniors Centre Ladner, BC
Proof of vaccination will be required for all patrons to access any of Delta's seniors’ recreation centre recreational programs.

Proof of vaccination will be required for all patrons to access programs at Delta's seniors’ recreation centres.

This requirement comes following a staff motion, approved by council at its Sept. 27th meeting.

A report to council notes that given Delta's three seniors recreation centres provide programing to a sector of the population that is potentially at greater risk from the effects of contracting COVID-19, a precautionary approach is being taken when it comes to reopening those facilities. 

To date, they have remained closed but are scheduled to reopen in the coming weeks. 

Any fitness programs at the facilities will be subject to the proof of vaccination requirements, however many of the recreational programs offered by the seniors’ centre societies directly are not covered by the order when there are less than 50 participants, the report notes.

“Staff have been approached by representatives from the seniors centre societies who have noted that they are in support of requiring proof of vaccination for all participants in their programs, which is above and beyond the requirements in the Provincial Health Officer order. For the reasons noted above, it is recommended that proof of vaccination be required for all patrons to access Delta's seniors recreation centres,” the report notes.

Effective Sept. 13, patrons at Delta recreation facilities have been required to show proof of vaccination  and photo ID to access and participate in a range of activities such as, among other things, weight rooms and gyms, fitness classes, adult sports programs and indoor organized group recreational classes and activities with more than 50 people.

The requirement does not apply in certain cases such as outdoor events and activities, children under the age of 12, swimming pools unless it is an event, skating rinks when not being used for adult sport, health and social services and government services.

General public access to facilities when not participating in a specified activity does not require proof of vaccination, including use of public washrooms, viewing swimming or skating lessons or accessing a government service at the facility.

User groups and private event organizers are responsible for screening their own participants and spectators as required.

“Due to the scope of exemptions noted above, there will continue to be unvaccinated patrons using Delta’s facilities. The Provincial Health Officer and her staff have stated that the intent of the proof of vaccination requirements is to encourage more people to be vaccinated and recognizes that it is not a tool that will eliminate all risks of COVID-19 transmission at the locations where the order applies. Increasing the overall level of community vaccination is the best tool to reduce risk of COVID-19 in all settings,” the report adds.