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Vancouver man gets 25 years for 2019 murder

A jury returned with a guilty verdict on Nov. 6.
Julio Roche-Garcia has been sent to jail for the murder of Zenen Cepeda Silva.

Alvaro Julio Roche-Garcia will get 25 years for the murder of Zenen Cepeda Silva.

Silva, 69, was shot as he walked to his door at a home near Fraser Street and East 51 Avenue on Jan. 26, 2019; emergency services arrived and he was taken to a hospital but was pronounced dead once there.

Now, more than two years later, Roche-Garcia (now 60) has been convicted of murder in the case. At the time he fled the scene of the crime, but was arrested a couple of days later.

"Following a trial, a jury returned a guilty verdict on November 6. Roche-Garcia was sentenced to an automatic 25 years in prison," state the Vancouver Police Department in a press release.

Before the trial, Roche-Garcia pled not guilty to the charge of first-degree murder in the case.