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Megan Stewart is a lapsed jock who covers news, sports, recreation and parks for the Vancouver Courier. She writes about herons and break-ins and once even played lingerie football. Reach her at 

  • Red tape halts free outdoor yoga at Dude Chilling Park

    The Dude Chilling Yoga Collective announced May 20 that they’d operated in a “legal grey area with the city”.

    Megan StewartMay 23, 2017

  • HUB's new adaptive bicycles allow more kids to ride and roll

    In visits to 11 schools so far this spring, 10 students requested one of three adaptive bikes.

    Megan StewartMay 12, 2017

  • Water bike rentals approved for False Creek

    Why paddle when you can pedal?

    Megan StewartMay 4, 2017

  • Cruise Vancouver shoreline for unusual bird's eye view

    “The sheer number and types of species that inhabit our coastline is amazing,” says coordinator with Bird Studies Canada.

    Megan StewartMay 2, 2017

  • 15 hours running in the Sahara but not done yet

    Vancouver ultra-marathoner Pushpa Chandra has been running in the Sahara for 15 hours and has another eight to go, at least. That's just today.

    Megan StewartApril 12, 2017

  • BBQ for the win: Vancouver golfers taste Masters menu

    If you can’t play a round of golf like Jordan Spieth, at least you can eat like him. (You can also quadruple-bogey like him, but that’s not fun for anyone. Except maybe Danny Willett.) It’s an . . .

    Megan StewartApril 7, 2017

  • Vancouver Canucks give fans reason to raise a glass

    The first 13,000 fans to arrive at Rogers Arena on Saturday night will receive their own goal light to take home. It fits in the bottom of a beer glass.

    Megan StewartApril 6, 2017

  • Vancouver marathon 'long course' a lesson that lasted

    Imagine the terrible stress of discovering a race course is the wrong length... and then racing to fix it. This happened in 2012, but is an error that won't likely repeat.

    Megan StewartApril 5, 2017

  • Vancouver marathon April Fool's joke comes up short

    The organizers of the BMO Vancouver Marathon warned participants the 2017 race course would fall a few thousand meters short of the regulation 42.2-kilometre distance. The distance would be "rounded down."

    Megan StewartApril 4, 2017

  • UBC basketball player brought jump shot to women's game: obituary

    Barbara Robertson helped shatter glass ceilings and might have shattered a few backboards if given the chance.

    Megan StewartMarch 30, 2017

  • Be the beacon of light in Daub Active sportswear

    I have the same experience, week after week at the gym.

    Megan StewartMarch 20, 2017

  • I did this workout: RUNVAN Fall Classic 10k

    The last time I ran 10 kilometres, it was April and I set out with my colleague Naoibh O’Connor on the annual Sun Run. We plodded along under cherry blossoms and dodged walkers who lined up too . . .

    Megan StewartNovember 14, 2016

  • Challenge accepted: 'Fundrunning' for charity at Vancouver Scotiabank Half-Marathon

    Can I run faster than other reporters in this city? Can I beat them over 21.1 kilometres? This is the challenge I accept with the Media Charity Challenge for the Scotiabank Half-Marathon, which . . .

    Megan StewartJune 8, 2016

  • Swimsuits and jogbras: I recommend this sports bra for Vancouver marathon runners

    Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon, ran the 26-mile course in a one-piece bathing suit. Dressed in Bermuda shorts over her black swimwear, the 23-year-old Californian . . .

    Megan StewartApril 28, 2016

  • I did this workout: VanCity OCR Tactix Attack

    I realized one of my greatest fears last Sunday when I threw myself into a daunting physical challenge, only to fail and need rescuing like a kitten up a tree. Tactix Attack was the name of the . . .

    Megan StewartApril 6, 2016

  • I did this workout: Pure Barre opens second Canadian studio in Kitsilano

    The alternate headline for this post is “Inelegance at the barre.” Because, let me tell you, there were some awkward, gangly moments this morning. Barre exercise — typically done at boutique . . .

    Megan StewartMarch 23, 2016

  • One gym, three names: An example in honouring teachers

    The alternate headline for this story is: A correction about J.O. secondary. I wrote a story two weeks ago about the much-adored Mike Evans, a basketball coach and counsellor at Britannia secondary . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 3, 2016

  • Big Screen Sports: Film review of 'Rinks of Hope: Project Mongolia'

    If there's a name in hockey you should know but don't — and believe me, you don't know it — it's Pujee. Purevdavaa "Pujee" Choijiljav is his country’s grandfather of hockey and, as the . . .

    Megan StewartJanuary 20, 2016

  • Predator-Prey: Playing a game that scares you to death

    When is it appropriate for two men to stalk, chase and catch dozens of other people hiding in the woods after dark? When they’ve all signed up to play a sophisticated game of hide-and-seek. Last . . .

    Megan StewartNovember 20, 2015

  • Rugby sport of choice for Canadian singles?

    The Rugby World Cup could be the best place for singles to hook up if a poll from an online dating service is anything to go by. You don’t have to go there. You just need to be on your couch, . . .

    Megan StewartSeptember 17, 2015

  • What is the meaning of Serena Williams?

    Is it that she's a sister? Photo Instagram Is it that she’s always been a winner? What tennis player does 11-year-old Serena want to be like? "Well, I'd like other people . . .

    Megan StewartSeptember 10, 2015

  • Readers pummel word choice

    Our coverage of Little League evidently has parents of nine- and 10-year-olds talking. They’re discussing a headline we ran in print July 22, 2015: “Highlands pummels Hastings in U10 BC final.” READ. . .

    Megan StewartJuly 24, 2015

  • I did this workout: BMO Vancouver Marathon Relay

    The clever folks behind Vancouver’s only marathon road race came up with a way for more people to run the punishing 42.2-kilomere distance. They let runners do it in teams. Two, three or four . . .

    Megan StewartMay 20, 2015

  • I did this workout: JumpSport at Steve Nash Fitness World

    Want to know how Chris Hadfield felt when he returned to Earth? Bounce on a mini-trampoline for an hour at your local gym. It’s practically the same thing. And since practically none of us will . . .

    Megan StewartJanuary 16, 2015

  • VIFF review: Marinoni sets passionate example

    When we’re introduced to Giuseppe Marinoni in the opening scene of this Canadian documentary, it feels like the first time director Tony Girardin is also meeting the legendary Montreal . . .

    Megan StewartOctober 2, 2014

  • Does NIMBY Kitsilano give Vancouver Park Board cold feet?

    The Kits Beach Tennis Club can't score any points with the Vancouver Park Board until the municipal bureaucrats test the waters of the club's Kitsilano neighbours. But some Kits folks — in the kind . . .

    Megan StewartAugust 8, 2014

  • CrossFit: Everything you loved about high school P.E.

    Unless you hate climbing rope, running around the school yard, repeating 50 to 150 situps and other drills to improve a skill or isolate your Vastus medialis obliquus (or VMO, that shapely muscle . . .

    Megan StewartMay 9, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Excitement, then a moment of silence for Ukraine

    Ukraine won its first Olympic gold medal in Europe’s favourite winter sport. Four women put their country on the Sochi 2014 podium as Ukraine counted its dead and civil war threatened to engulf the . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 22, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Canada's golden women

    Canada won gold in women’s Olympic ice hockey in what was one of our best performances in the sport, ever. As a spectator, this is how to make it one of your best nights, ever: - Wear a Canada . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 21, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Bjoerndalen, the bear of biathlon

    Ole Einar Bjoerndalen cemented his place in Olympic history tonight. He won his eighth gold medal, his 13th overall, making him the most decorated winter Olympian ever. He opened the Sochi Games in . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 20, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Transportation Part 1, security stickers

    You may have heard about the Olympic “bubble.” It’s a real thing. If you’re outside the bubble, you’re dirty. Inside it, you’re clean. We move between bubbles of various cleanliness. The media . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 19, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Photo finish

    After six new start times and a two-day delay, the men's 15km mass start seemed to never be in sight. But then the finish, a photo finish, was at the centre of all our stares. Pushed back to Tuesday. . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 18, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: 'Nightmare' bear

    Check out this creep. But really, he's not so bad. The soft, cuddly squishy-faced mascot of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games and invader-of-personal space keeps walking by our office at the . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 17, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Hedgehog in the fog

    Fog has engulfed the mountains above Krasnaya Polyana. We're in the clouds. The men's 15km mass start was cancelled tonight and rescheduled twice, first for 8 p.m. and then 10 a.m. Monday morning.. . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 16, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Switzerland's Gasparin Sisters

    The sweetest threesome in Sochi are the Gasparin sisters. Aita, who turned 20 just days ago, Elisa, 23, and Selina, 29, make up three quarters of the Swiss women's relay and don't seem to go . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 15, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: The love seat

    Our hosts at the Laura Biathlon Center have a great sense of humour. This is a "love seat." It reads: Sit here and wait for the love of your life. Cafeteria seating isn't always this . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 14, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: From Russia, with love for gay rights

    It's February 14 in Sochi. Happy Valentine's Day from a place where it's not easy to love the one you're with if that person is your same-sex lover. It isn't criminal to be gay or lesbian in . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 13, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Russian karaoke

    Last night (now two nights ago) I shared a few bottles of wine with friends. (The perogies saved me from a hangover.) We were treated to the best live entertainment I'll likely see in Russia . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 12, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Canada in the lead

    Canadian biathlete Jean-Phillippe Le Guellec led the men's 12.5km pursuit for a brief, exhilarating moment. He shot 10-for-10 in the first two rounds at the firing range and from fifth place, . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 10, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Stoicism in the men's sprint

    Martin Fourcade was gunning for gold in the men’s 10km sprint Saturday night at the Laura biathlon course in Krasnaya Polyana. This photo from his Instagram account shows him stoic as ever, having. . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 9, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: We're alive! Rejoicing!

    The biathlon and cross-country courses at the Sochi Games are far removed from the coastal city on the Black Sea. Up roughly 90 kilometres inland, nestled in the North Caucuses at 1,500 metres . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 8, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Let the Games begin

    Finally. Seven years and $51 billion dollars in the making. Stray dogs, gay rights, twin toilets and many more toilets, shirtless Putin, unfinished hotel rooms, and the motherland of them all, . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 7, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Who let the dogs out?

    What’s the sweetest, loveliest rolling mass of fur you’ve ever seen? How about a litter of seven puppies, waking up inside a massive industrial pipe near the Georgian border to scamper toward you . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 5, 2014

  • Photo a day from Sochi: Olympic Park under construction

    It’s five days before the start of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games and over three weeks, I’ve seen this small city (the suburb of the city, really) sweat it out to pull everything together in . . .

    Megan StewartFebruary 4, 2014

  • Urquhart a cautionary tale for B.C. transfers

    The eligibility committee of the athletic association in Washington state ruled Wednesday, Jan. 8 that former Vancouver athlete Drew Urquhart is ineligible to play basketball at Seattle’s Eastside . . .

    Megan StewartJanuary 13, 2014

  • For Canada's Olympians, winter is their playground

    If you didn’t know, Canada is synonymous with winter. The season that barely manages to frost windows in Vancouver is the pinnacle of our national identity, rival only to (the myth of) . . .

    Megan StewartDecember 31, 2013

  • Why it's a good idea to raise the roof in high school volleyball

    Club and high school volleyball leagues introduced a new rule last year that has changed the game and will be in effect this weekend for the senior girls (but not boys) volleyball provincial . . .

    Megan StewartNovember 29, 2013


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