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Community Comment: Another year older means another year older

So on a sunny Sunday morning of the B.C. Day weekend, I was trotting through Centennial Beach Park
Centennial Beach signage

We’ve been talking about demographics in my marketing class lately, specifically about age. If there is one truth about age that cannot be disputed, it’s this: next year, I can guarantee you without a shred of doubt…

… you will be one year older than you are today. No matter how much you try and fight it.

Oh, sure, I try and make myself feel better by saying ‘another year older, another year wiser’, but who am I kidding. The grey in my goatee tells me a different story. I should shave the thing off.

I decided to launch my own personal fight against aging – I went for a run. I haven’t run for a couple years, although I do lots of other exercise that somewhat keeps me in shape. During the pandemic I managed to injure my back playing softball, so that summer was out. Last year I was pretty busy and didn’t motivate myself enough.

This year the weather was so lousy for so long it took a while to find my jogging shoes. Darn, I found them. They look new.

So on a sunny Sunday morning of the B.C. Day weekend, I was trotting through Centennial Beach Park, stopping to walk a bit along the way to catch my breath. It was a beautiful day, the families were arriving at the park to claim their piece of beach, the kids running around the playground. What a great way to start the day!

I remembered how much I enjoy jogging. I don’t take music, I let my mind wander and look for solutions to issues I am dealing with or ideas for my clients. I do my best thinking while I’m running. That’s where I came up with this article, as I have done many times in the past. Besides, thinking about that takes my mind away from the pain in my legs.

As I finish, all I can think of is getting out again. To enjoy the fresh air of the early morning, the quiet before a busy day. I can’t wait.

Until I get up Monday morning and my legs are a little sore. Like, having trouble walking down a flight of stairs sore.

Maybe I’ll try again next weekend. Besides, my birthday isn’t until March. I’ve got lots of time.

Brad Sherwin, MBA is a long-time resident of South Delta, and has over 30 years experience in marketing, public relations and business strategy. He teaches post-secondary marketing, coaches hockey goalies and is Past President of Deltassist.