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Community Comment: Doggie boom has left a stinky mess

Dog owners need to do better to respect others.
Dog poop bag

The pandemic has created some serious issues for our four-legged friends. It’s a heartbreaking mess, and not just the poop kind. 

Now that most people have returned to school or the office surrendering or abandoning pets is on the rise. Often it’s because of finances, a new job, or relocating.  

For those who continue to embrace dog ownership they have plenty of company. I’m witnessing the doggie population boom in my own neighbourhood. 

Over the weekend, after yet another wet morning, the rain stopped and dog owners stepped out in droves. Big ones, little ones, from puppies to seniors, they were all sniffing and pooping. 

Not everyone is pleased to see the population of man’s best friend explode.

As a dog owner who is besotted with my 10-year-old lab, dare I say it, there are some very irresponsible owners who don’t pick up after their dogs and don’t leash them. 

Nothing is more irritating than dog feces left on public places, or having an unknown dog lunge at your dog. This may also be the most discussed topic on our local social media sites. 

The city of Tel Aviv has come up with a unique way to catch bad dog owners. In order to renew your dog licence you have to submit your dogs’ DNA.  

Abandoned dog poop will be tested, DNA matched and the perpetrators tracked down and fined. Presumably this is a deterrent, as I can’t imagine it being cost effective. 

Beach Grove dog lovers may soon lose their beloved off-leash dog park due to irresponsible dog owners not picking up after their dogs and letting them run on adjacent school property.  

For parents at the school this is a win, but for dog owners it is heartbreaking because the park has become a place to socialize for all.

Lack of safe confined spaces for dogs are at a minimum in Delta and increasingly there are less places to let our dogs run free. Ladner has only two dog parks, one of which is the North 40 reserve, now somewhat notorious for aggressive dogs. 

Dog owners need to do better to respect others. Pets are good for our mental and physical health and help with loneliness, so please leash your dog and pick up after them. And if you see bad behaviour call it out. Don’t let a few bad owners spoil the bunch. 

Ingrid Abbott is a freelance writer whose dog Rosie has helped her meet some very cool people.