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Community Comment: Giving back this Christmas when you can’t volunteer

Charities have had a tough time during COVID, with more people needing help and fewer people supporting them

It’s a bit frustrating this time of year with COVID still hanging over our heads, although it is getting better. The border is opening (a bit), people can once again see loved ones they haven’t been able to see for so long. The vaccinated among us have a fair amount of freedom, but we still have to be very careful.

So-called ‘breakthrough’ cases aren’t as rare as we thought (just ask the Ottawa Senators), but nowhere near as severe compared to the unvaccinated. Hopefully, 2022 will be the year we say ‘Goodbye’ to Covid, the visitor that wouldn’t leave.

In the meantime, we still have the Holidays coming up. Normally a tough time for some that struggle, but these days it’s even worse, and the opportunities to help those folks are harder to find.

Charities have had a tough time during COVID, with more people needing help and fewer people supporting them. Often, people tell me they are skeptical of charities, of where the money goes. National headlines about alleged improper donation use don’t help either. And with so many charities constantly asking for help, it’s hard to decide sometimes.

There are so many worthy charities in Delta, hard-working people that convert your donation into real help for someone who needs it. I sat on two charity Boards this past year, and saw first-hand how donations turned into the delivery of services and support for the community.

For over 35 years, The Delta Community Foundation has raised funds to distribute to other local charities. Fundraising is hard work, the DCF lets charities work on delivering services instead. The Board does the job of making sure your money goes to worthy recipients. That makes it easy for you – they do the research, you get the tax receipt, and a good feeling knowing you’ve helped the community.

And there’s Deltassist, who has been instrumental in helping those in need throughout the pandemic. When a food bank needed to be set up, Deltassist was there. When seniors needed groceries, Deltassist was there. And now, with Christmas on the horizon, the annual Toy Depot and Christmas Hamper Program are underway, so everyone can hopefully have a little ‘normal’ at this time of year.

There are many other worthy charities in Delta, not to mention helping our neighbours in Abbotsford and other flood-damaged areas of the province. Donating is as easy as going to a website or writing a cheque, but the good it will do extends a long way past your generosity.

If you had a good year, please remember many others have not. Your support is appreciated.

Brad Sherwin, MBA is a long-time resident of South Delta, and has over 30 years experience in marketing, public relations and business strategy. He teaches at BCIT, coaches hockey goalies and is Past President of Deltassist.