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Community Comment: Southlands' single day sellout proves the need for more housing supply

I hope that Mayor and council will have the courage and conviction to say yes to support the Ladner Village Revitalization Plan

This past Saturday, a statement was made on the Southlands.

The Southlands community’s latest offering, “The District Flats”, a 34 unit condominium project sold out in one day. Excited buyers lined up a day early and spent the night with their future neighbours to get in on the opportunity the next morning.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver recently noted that housing supply has never been lower. Housing diversity is needed but not available, especially in South Delta. There clearly has to be motivation to increase supply and diversity of housing type.

In Ladner, a decades long undertaking may finally produce an opportunity for the creation of new housing form as a part of the “Ladner Village Revitalization” initiative. The undertaking consists of two components. The first is the “Ladner Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy” and the second is the “Ladner Village Official Community Plan (OCP) update”.

Currently, the riverfront is virtually inaccessible. Chain link fences and warning signs share the street scape with over-run, decaying buildings that bleakly mask unbelievable potential. The city owned Seven Seas site is a blight that desperately needs attention.

The current planning for the Ladner Village plan has been undergoing considerable study for the last three years and three rounds of public consultation have taken place to date. Changing the Ladner OCP is supported by the Ladner Business Association and the Delta Chamber of Commerce.

Key takeaways from initial public consultation show that there is strong public support for changes to the Official Community Plan. Seventy-four percent of respondents support density increase in Ladner Village and sixty-six percent support an increase in building heights.

Current zoning is preventing developers from engaging to revitalize Ladner Village. Vacant lots and potential development sites will continue to mar many street scapes. If the waterfront is ever going to reach its true natural potential, zoning will have to change to prevent further decline in the village.

Allowing for zoning changes in a new OCP in certain village areas would allow for 4-6 story buildings, which would incentivize developers and visionaries to create a robust and active walkable community which will support businesses that are currently suffering.

The potential to integrate several types of housing form in the revitalization plan is immense as is the promise of economic stimulus and general public amenity.

Certain areas of Ladner Village possess obvious charm. Many areas, not so much. A comprehensive strategy to unite unique features of the community is under way so that the rich historical context of Ladner can be melded within a new framework which will afford Ladner the opportunity to thrive long into the future.

I hope that Mayor and council will have the courage and conviction to say yes to support the Ladner Village Revitalization Plan.

Information on the project can be found at