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Community Comment: Weather and gas prices, the best conversation ice-breakers around

I’ve always been a little reserved in new places, and struggle striking up conversations with people.
Gas prices
Gas prices are a great conversation starter says columnist Brad Sherwin in his Community Comment this week.

I’ve always been a little reserved in new places, and struggle striking up conversations with people. But these days, it’s not too hard, if you use the go-to topics that everyone has an opinion - gas prices and the weather.

Spring is apparently upon us. The trees are blossoming, the plants emerging from a cold winter, but it doesn’t feel like it is mid-April. Looking out at my car last week and seeing frost on my windshield had me thinking was still February. Although I shouldn’t be complaining with what the folks in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and northern Ontario had to go through last week.

I used to ride a motorcycle. I still have it, but it’s been off the road for a while. I always saw mid-March as the time to get the plates renewed and hit the road. This year, I didn’t even think about hauling it out of the garage. I’ve still got the winter tires on my car. They may be staying on for a few more weeks, just to be safe.

Speaking of my car, have you seen the price of fuel? A few weeks ago it was over $2, then down to $1.90, then back over $2. Obviously, world events are having a significant effect overall, but it’s tougher when we live in one of the most expensive fuel markets in North America. We seem to get the same story of refining capacity issues and crude oil prices as the drivers, but there’s a lot that still doesn’t make sense to me.

I drive through Richmond every Thursday evening. It’s not uncommon to see a difference there to Tsawwassen of five to eight cents per litre. Hmmm, that much of a gap in 10 km?

What also doesn’t make sense is the most expensive fuel being sold so close to Point Roberts, home of five gas stations and a border I can once again cross. You’d think there would be a little competitive pressure. Apparently not.

I wasn’t sure what to write about for this column, but it appears my two go-to conversation ice-breakers have filled it already. And speaking of breaking the ice, how about those Canucks?

Sorry, I’m out of room. We’ll have to save that for another time.

Brad Sherwin, MBA is a long-time resident of South Delta, and has over 30 years’ experience in marketing, public relations and business strategy. He teaches post-secondary marketing, coaches hockey goalies and is past president of Deltassist.

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