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Editorial: Get with the times

Mayor, council members and staff were then flooded with emails, mostly negative, on the subject.
Lions Park proposal
A City of Delta sign in Lions Park outlining the plans for the playground replacement, which thanks to resident concerns, has been put on hold.

I often receive letters, inquires and comments about our local government.

Sometimes it is positive, sometimes negative and sometimes it is a call to action for us to look into an issue, which was the case with an inquiry to our Facebook page last Thursday night.

A Ladner resident expressed concern over a sign she saw posted by the City of Delta in Lions Park about the start-up of prep work for a replacement of the playground. She was upset at the current design plan and why no consultation was made with area residents who frequent the playground. Her inquiry to me, then made it over to the Ladner’s Landing Facebook group and a healthy debate ensued.

Mayor, council members and staff were then flooded with emails, mostly negative, on the subject.

Instead of ignoring the emails, a special council meeting, was called to deal with a few emergency items and the Lions Park matter was added to the agenda.

Mayor and council decided to halt the project in order for staff to prepare a review of the plans. So in less than 24-hours, council reacted swiftly to concerned residents and through this review and consultation with residents, will get this right.

This is the type of action we should expect from our elected officials.

But one councillor, former Mayor Lois Jackson, voted against the mayor’s motion to halt and review the project.

Jackson took issue with what she described as a hastily called meeting, as well, why the city was being run by in her eyes, people on social media.

Social media has its positives and negatives for sure, and in this case, it was positive as an important issue was brought to the attention of our elected officials and dealt with in a timely manner.

Might I suggest that Coun. Jackson get with the times and engage more on social media with the residents of this community?

For any elected official, to be accountable to the public, this is a good place to start.