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Editorial: In need of a reality check

I have to scratch my head these days listening to B.C. Premier John Horgan.
John Horgan
Premier John Horgan is under fire for comments about the gas prices while announcing a nearly $800 million plan for a new museum in Victoria.

The provincial government is in serious need of a reality check.

I have to scratch my head these days listening to B.C. Premier John Horgan.

Last week, the NDP announced the $780 million Royal BC Museum project - a project that won’t be open to the public for seven years.

All this while a few days later, over the weekend, B.C. had the highest gas prices in the country.

Asked by reporters what residents should do about the high gas prices Horgan offered up this little gem, “We will have measures to help people reduce costs, but right now I encourage people to think before you hop in the car. Do you need to make that trip? Can you do it with a neighbour or someone going by.”

And to compound matters even further, we have another online story today talking about the growing doctor shortage crisis in our province.

More than one million people do not have a family doctor. I wonder how these people feel about Horgan’s museum vanity project or the complete lack of sense when it comes to helping out residents put a few dollars back in their pockets when they fill up at the pumps?

This is also the same Premier, who last year, suggested that then Liberal leader Shirley Bond should take a geography lesson when there was not going to be a COVID vaccination clinic in North Delta, and that residents should head out to Surrey, which is very close to North Delta.

Days later, thanks to pressure on the government, a clinic was established.

This government could not care less about the plight of average, every day citizens. They don’t care that gas prices are through the roof or that you can’t find a doctor.

They called a snap election during the pandemic and received their majority government and now can rule without consequences.

They are out of touch with reality.