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Editorial: One is a lonely number

We are off to a slow election race so far. Here’s hoping that it will soon pick up some speed.
Election ballot box
There is a municipal election this year, but you wouldn't know it so far with the lack of candidates here in Delta.

One is a lonely number at the best of times, but when it comes to an election, one is really lonely.

In case you didn’t know, on Saturday, Oct. 15, voters will head to the polls in a B.C.-wide municipal election to elect city and district councils, school board trustees and in some areas, regional district board members.

In 2018 in Delta, when we had our last municipal election, we had 43 candidates on the ballot – six for mayor, 20 for council positions and 17 for school trustee. So far this year we have one candidate – Mayor George Harvie - who announced his intentions to seek re-election in October 2021.

We have not heard from any of the incumbent councillors if they plan to seek re-election or if their time at the council table is done.

The same at the school board level – not an indication from anyone whether they will be seeking your vote again come October.

And as far as any new candidates stepping forward seeking office – crickets.

Now, the pandemic may be playing a factor in why we are so slow out of the starting gate, but with activities starting to pick up, and health restrictions lifting allowing a more fulsome return to community events, you would think this would be a prime time to announce your intentions. What better way to get out into your community and let people know that you are running by greeting people and pressing the flesh at events and activities.

I’ll give Harvie credit because he certainly has been doing just that the past few months. I think I have heard his “Achieving for Delta” speech five or six times already at events I’ve been at.

There is nothing wrong with it. If you have the chance to make your mark, why not take advantage of being the sole candidate right?

We are off to a slow election race so far. Here’s hoping that it will soon pick up some speed.

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