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Editorial: Snow angels among us

Delta crews have done a great job with the snow clearing
Scott Road snow 1
It has been a challenging few days on the roads, but Delta crews have been doing a great job clearing the snow.

Those wishing for a white Christmas will be getting their wish.

Thanks to an unprecedented snowstorm Monday night and Tuesday morning where in some parts of the region up to 35 cm of the white stuff fell, we will likely be waking up to snow on Christmas morning. How much will be sticking around remains to be seen as warmer temperatures and heavy rain is in the forecast starting Saturday. It will be white and certainly wet – more like a cool, slushy outside.

I for one am not a fan of the white stuff. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, I moved out to B.C. in 1988 with my siblings and parents and we were looking forward to some of those famous wet coast winters. That has not been the case. I think there have been as many white Christmas’s as wet ones.

It has been a challenging few days for travel for many of us, but thanks to the hard working crews from the City of Delta, the main roads are in great shape as I pen this column Wednesday morning from our office in Ladner.

Several keyboard warriors on our local social media pages say otherwise however and while everyone is entitled to their opinion, for those that are complaining, I wish they would just pause and think for a few minutes before blasting off a comment. It’s easy to criticize from the warm, comfort of your home with a hot chocolate by your side. This is a tough job with Delta crews working 24/7 to clear our roads.

As I said they have done a great job.

Also kudos to all the enterprising youth who have offered their snow clearing services. Those posts on social media and the heartwarming thanks from residents who they have helped are the types of messages you want to see. Great job by all these snow angels!

As this is my last column for the year, I will end with a Merry Christmas to all. I hope we all get to enjoy time with family and friends this weekend.

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