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Letters: A warning to dog owners in Beach Grove

Consumption of THC for dogs can be lethal.
A resident has written to the Optimist about a recent scaring incident with some discarded THC cookies on the beach and their dog.


On the afternoon of Sept. 9, my husband and I were walking our dog on the beach. Our dog quickly ate something in the sand before we could stop him.

When we got home our dog grew ill. We took him straight to our vet where they tested his urine. It came back positive for THC. They injected him with fluids and we were told to monitor him overnight. If his heart rate became too high or if he began having trouble breathing, we were to take him to emergency.

My husband returned to the beach to the spot our dog ate something and found peanut butter THC cookies spread around the area. He collected almost a full Ziplock bags worth and disposed of it safely.

Consumption of THC for dogs can be lethal. Thankfully with the help of the amazing staff at Huff Animal Hospital, our dog is going to be okay.

Kim Cooper

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