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Letters: Different financial challenges to face

In light of the pandemic, I think that we need to reassess the continuation of this event
tour de delta


I have been a fan of the Tour De Delta Ladner Criterium, and have attended every one since its inaugural race.

At the time Coun. Guy Gentner’s idea was a great positive event for the communities of Delta, however that event took place during a much different time.

In light of the pandemic, I think that we need to reassess the continuation of this event. Given the nature of the COVID-19 virus and its ability to survive and thrive, has thrown the world many curveballs in its many adaptation variants. And given that the current Omicron variants ability to even cause breakthrough cases even in the vaccinated, this virus is not finished with us yet. This would make it difficult to manage this event in particular the safety of the cyclists, volunteers, workers and the general public. There are currently too many unknowns.

Given the price tag of $400,000, also makes this event in the new reality that we are in must be of concern. We are in a different era and local government has a different set of fiscal challenges and constraints.

Local government should be cautious with discretionary spending like this type of event and focus on the core functions and objectives outlined in the Community Charter and other City and Regional Charters and the Police Act and adapt accordingly. Those core functions include providing transparent and effective governance to citizens and stakeholders, sound management of the taxpayers money, public safety, sound planning practices for resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities, the maintenance and renewal of public infrastructure, solid waste management, and delivery of parks and recreation services.

Glenn Kirkwood