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Letters: Fed boundary changes make no sense

This is going to be a “miss-mash.”
2022 proposed delta federal electoral boundary changes
The growth in population in the province, including communities east of Delta, prompted a proposed revision that could result in new-look federal electoral boundaries.


I was disappointed to read that the Boundaries Commission is planning to change our federal riding boundaries.

Some Delta citizens will be represented by a Richmond MP, way across the tunnel. Others will be represented by a Surrey MP. The rest of Delta will include parts of Delta and parts of Surrey. This is going to be a “miss-mash.”

Keeping Delta intact would mean that we would all be represented by our own MP. That person would continue to work with all Deltans, one city council, school board, Chamber of Commerce etc., rather than two.

One MP can deal with all of Delta’s issues, while still being aware of how we fit in with our neigfhbours.

Mary Begin