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Letters: Parks and rec spaces should be open to everyone

It’s called democracy, for a reason
There is plenty of parking at the Centennial Beach parking lot during the weekdays in the winter months but it’s a very different story when it comes to summer weekends. Sandor Gyarmati photo


In his most recent letter to the Optimist, Greg McDonald stated, “I would like to propose a section of parking at Centennial (Beach) for only Tsawwassen residents.”

The last time I checked Ladner residents, and North Delta residents for that matter, also pay taxes to the City of Delta, so, any priority for local resident parking, should include all taxpayers that live in Delta (South and North), not just Tsawwassen residents, who just happen to live closest to Centennial Beach.

Ideally, parks and recreation spaces should be available to everyone.

It’s called democracy, for a reason.

A Cameron