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Letters: Sherwin column hit the mark

Hurrah, hurrah for Brad Sherwin
COVID travel column response


Re: Community Comment, Optimist, Jan. 7

Hurrah, hurrah for Brad Sherwin.

Halfwit politicians, how many more of them are out there?

Traditional visits to holiday destinations, saving for years to visit family that they have not seen for a period of time. Bad judgement doesn’t begin to explain their behavior.

I have a few friends who could not go oversees to hold and kiss goodbye to their dying mothers. I too, have grandchildren overseas whom I have not seen for 18 months, one of whom had to self-isolate recently due to a COVID-19 contact.

I too had a tradition to visit them every Christmas, but not this time. (What a blessing Facetime is).

As you said Brad, dumb people help elect these politicians. Look no further than the 49th parallel, and its only six km from my front door.

Clive Dixon