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Letters: We need to take back our hospice

Wake up Delta, your Delta Hospice has been taken over by memberships outside the Province of BC
Delta Hospice


Wake up Delta, your Delta Hospice has been taken over by memberships outside the Province of BC.

To date there are approximately 6,119 members registered with Delta Hospice, only 2,389 of those registered are from Delta. The remainder are from Panama, Italy, UK, the USA, and other areas across Canada.

We need local memberships to reflect the wishes of those who use the Delta Hospice.

My husband, Harold Robert Hugh Savage (known as Robert) spent the months of June and July in our local Delta Hospice. Our family is very familiar with the Delta Hospice, the Supportive Centre is named after Robert's mother and father – the Harold and Veronica Savage Centre for Supportive Care.

Our Delta Hospice used to have a stellar reputation, our community rallied together to provide funding and volunteers to provide a first-class Hospice that was the envy of other communities.

Now, instead of positive news stories, all we hear are attempts to put forth a motion to change the Delta Hospice constitution and bylaws to become an explicitly Christian palliative care facility. Whatever your stand on the services of MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying, no facility should be hijacked by a group with such a narrow focus. This hospice was put in place by open-minded people, wanting an end of life facility appealing to all beliefs and religions.

The current board is so out of touch with our community that they mailed a letter this week from the Harold and Veronica Centre for Supportive Care addressed to Robert Savage (Harold Robert Hugh Savage), who had passed away in their Delta Hospice on July 29, 2020. They were asking for funding.

Delta needs to take back control of Delta Hospice. We need a new board of directors that represents and understands the needs of our local community.

Daphne Savage