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Letters: Where are the Ladner waterfront improvements?

Though I’m guessing this will fall on deaf ears, as there is no election upcoming anytime soon
Chisholm Street in Ladner.


Almost 23 years ago we purchased the old Delta Foam board building formerly Lanning Fawcett & Wilson known then as the Big Store and proceeded to transform the property to its former glory.

We firmly believed at the time that the Ladner waterfront was a gem waiting to be discovered and it was just a matter of time for the Chisholm Street area to become the main attraction for Ladner. Though the process was very difficult, we had the support from council and made it happen.

Upon completion we were congratulated, bronze plaques were handed out, and council thanked us saying this was just what the town needed to get the waterfront improvement started.

Since then there have been countless meetings (especially around election time) and consultants have been paid countless dollars with no visible result.

At the most recent round of meetings discussing how to improve our waterfront once again consultants were hired (about the third set of these) coming up with many ideas, all of them without consulting any of the stakeholders.

Just to emphasize how little has been done you only have to look at the Seven Seas property, which was gifted to Delta to help with the improvement of the waterfront and once again absolutely nothing has been accomplished..

Though I’m guessing this will fall on deaf ears as there is no election upcoming anytime soon and also the vocal minority that resists any kind of change will most certainly ignore this issue until someone actually tries to do something and will then wake up and scream foul as they are doing now with other developments in the community.

Gary Notenbomer