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Not much to show after 25 years

It was a celebration, although I'm not so sure it warranted one. Last Wednesday in Burnaby, politicians got together with SkyTrain officials to mark the 25th anniversary of rapid transit in the Lower Mainland.

B.C. heritage properties being lost due to lack of resources

Editor: Re: Preservation efforts frustrated, Aug. 17 I read the article with interest as I've long been an advocate of conserving our province's heritage. I can understand Coun.

Public must stay active keeping those in power in check

Riots, revolutions, anger, fear, impotence and hopelessness.

Hero teens save man's life

Editor: Most of the news we hear or read these days is so negative and frightening it makes me want to stop watching or reading the news entirely. However, here's a great news story that deserves reporting.

CUPE members make out better than homeowners left with the tax bill

Editor: Re: New model provides no guarantees, Murphy's Law, Aug. 12 Ted Murphy is correct.

Tough to legislate pride

It's always been next to impossible to legislate taste and common sense, but I suspect local politicians are ready to add pride of ownership to that list if they haven't already done so.

Expansion justifications fall flat

EDITOR: Re: Port volumes up slightly mid-year report shows, Aug. 12 Recent comments by Robin Silvester, president and CEO of Port Metro Vancouver, raise alarm bells. He claims recent statistics "highlight the importance of infrastructure upgrades.

Chief sets record straight on ministry claim

Editor: It is an extraordinary measure that I speak to an issue that is yet to complete the course of due process.

Bay must defend its quality of life

Editor: After reading and digesting Century Group's latest proposal for the Southlands, I can see it is trying to divide and conquer.

Eyes opened by Delta council decision on higher density project

Editor: Attending the Delta council meeting on Monday to hear the mayor and council's decision on an Arthur Drive comprehensive development was more than an eye-opener.