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As high school ends, students must be ready for real world

Every June, a new crop of Grade 12 graduates heads out into the world. I always wonder if we've prepared them for it, or if it will be a rude awakening. From early on, we've done a lot to protect our kids from failing. Sports Day is now Fun Day.

Our democratic rights not at stake despite what protesters to Bill C-38 would have you believe

Editor: Re: Budget bill protests hit Ladner, June 6 Apparently Canadian democracy will perish if Bill C-38 is enacted, according to a dozen gullible opposition pawns protesting outside DeltaRichmond East MP KerryLynne Findlay's office.

Delta needs to become own riding

No offence to Richmond or Surrey, but it's time Delta cut ties on this whole federal riding thing.

Show lights fire under town

Editor: I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you and appreciation to many talented and hard working people in our community and beyond that helped me put together an incredible show on June 1, 2 and 3 at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre.

Bureaucratic empires are built with taxpayers' money

Editor: Re: Advice needed from experts; public given say at hearings, Community Comment, June 6 Good ol' Ed Ries must have had his tongue tucked firmly in his cheek when he wrote this column.

Heritage barn is a good fit for Kirkland House grounds

Editor: Re: Big bucks for barn relocation, May 30 I would like to congratulate the mayor and council for their decision to move the Harris barn onto the property with Kirkland House. Kirkland House is and was a farmhouse and now it will be again.

Another example

Editor: Re: Little control over siting of cell antennas, June 6 Once again the people of South Delta are under attack.

Soil 'experts' off base on Southlands

Editor: Re: Claims of poor farmland have been refuted, letter to the editor, May 25 I have a question for Greg J.

Services here for seniors

Editor: Re: Stats show greying trend, June 1 Thank you for the article on the greying trend in our community.

Disclosure needed on TFN's efforts to get sewer service

Editor: Bill 41 is now law in B.C. This amendment to the Greater Vancouver Sewage Act will allow the B.C. government to bypass the Metro Vancouver board when there is no agreement between the board and the Tsawwassen First Nation.