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Town hall meeting reminiscent of 'open and transparent' Campbell gov't

Editor: Re: Premier in town for round-table, Aug. 24 I noticed that when Vicki Huntington has a town hall meeting she obtains a large room and publishes an invitation for anyone in the community, including the media, to attend and ask questions.

Disastrous decisions will have to be changed

Editor: Re: Metro faces challenge trying to find home for incinerator, Community Comment, Aug. 10 Thanks to Sylvia Bishop for the excellent column on Metro Vancouver's waste management decision.

Hard to believe council would not receive housing-free Southlands plan

Editor: I read in the paper that Delta council has heard a development plan for the Southlands from the Century Group. Since then, I have heard it would not hear a local group's plan that did not include housing.

Futurist approach to learning needed, especially in B.C

In just a few short days the skim boards will be packed away and the beach forts will be vacated. Parks crews will start to take down the baseball fencing and the soccer nets will be pulled off the sidelines and on to the pitches.

Council gives little regard to need for density when discussing proposal

Editor: The Delta council meeting held last Monday surely illustrated the need for members to go back to drama school. We have become used to seeing council and staff play up to the television broadcast at each meeting.

Brochure misleads Tsawwassenites

Editor: The recent brochure circulated by Century Group is misleading the good citizens of Tsawwassen again.

Same old story with premier's recent meeting

Editor: With the B.C. Liberals, it's the same old, same old. Premier Christy Clark sneaks into town to meet with a select few Liberal supporters in a meeting closed to the media and general public.

Run in with Layton left a lasting impression

Editor: Like many Canadians, I have been impacted by Jack Layton. Can't say that I have agreed with all of his policies or even joined the NDP.

Politicians need to prioritize environmental considerations

Editor: I know our parks department is doing all it can to beautify the entrances to our major communities, but the politicians need to prioritize their environmental considerations.

Southlands twists and turns

The future of the Southlands will undoubtedly be the most contentious issue in Tsawwassen in this fall's municipal election, prompting voters to pick sides and align themselves with likeminded candidates.