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Costly port consultation doesn't amount to much

Editor: Let's say you want to extend an invitation to participate in consultation. Or, let's pretend that you do. First you run an ad on Nov. 25 in the Delta Optimist.

Obama is misguided, but sincere

Editor: While as a mere observer, peeking south across the 49th parallel from the "frozen" north, I have not been a particular fan of Barack Obama.

Unbiased viewpoint on hunting

Editor: It is a shame that the recent news of the snowy owls in Delta has descended into yet another anti-hunting forum.

Social supports can't just go to those making most noise

Kudos to the advocates and families of people with developmental disabilities, who have spent countless hours trying to get their concerns heard. Now if only similar attention could be brought to the many other neglected social concerns in B.C.

Trees are nice, but what about the views?

Editor: These winter days the south and east faces of Diefenbaker Park offer a heart-lifting view that includes the houses of Boundary Bay, the winterblue sea, White Rock and the distant mountains.

Some photographers just don't get it

Editor: On Dec. 30, my wife and I, together with many others, ventured down to the dike at the foot of 72nd Street to view and photograph the spectacle of numerous visiting snowy owls.

Prices make it tough to own home

Property assessment notices arriving in mailboxes this week aren't likely to cause a lot of grief this time around, unless, of course, you're trying to break into the market. Figures released by B.C.

Hunters are respectful of wildlife, environment

Editor: Re: Respect, don't destroy, the local wildlife, letter to the editor, Dec. 30 After reading the letter by Lori Argent, I felt compelled to write. Argent's implication that hunters do not respect wildlife is a very uninformed opinion.

Artists lend their talents to Tsawwassen's Little House

The windows are bare, the floors are unfinished and there's no indoor plumbing yet, but a collection of original paintings are ready and waiting to adorn the walls of the soon-to-be finished Little House in Tsawwassen.

MLA corrects oversight by recognizing all that churches do for our community

Editor: Re: Much to be thankful for in special place of ours, MLA's Report, Dec. 21 I have been rightly chided by our good and faithful ministries for failing to include our churches and their congregations in my Christmas "Report.