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Kind hearts ensure purse's contents get returned

Editor: Growing up in Delta has been a pleasurable experience.

Supporting our local farmers has never tasted so good

It is my firm belief we can find more to agree on than disagree over. You just need to take the time to be patient and something surprising will reveal itself.

'Too much' tax going to health and education

Editor: Re: Can we trust the government to follow through on 10 per cent HST promises?, letter to the editor, July 13 Sorry, Jean Wightman, but you miss the point. We know the HST can't be reduced to 10 per cent immediately without paying back $1.

SkyTrain works, but only in areas with enough people

Editor: Re: Look at the big transit picture, Murphy's Law, July 15 Ted Murphy is correct. We should consider the big picture. There is a range of public transit technologies to choose from. They vary greatly in cost and capacity.

Help yourself and vote to keep the HST

Editor: Forget about all government and "Fight HST" rhetoric or "propaganda" and just figure this out for yourself. This is definitely designed to convince people that the HST is a much better option.

Support farmers by voting to keep HST

Editor: Re: Indecision over HST continues despite smelly sales pitches, Community Comment, July 6 For those who are wrestling with their own decision and could "go either way," as Dan Southard says, give a thought to our local farmers.

Animal shelter volunteer misses the point entirely

Editor: Re: Irresponsible pet owners making big shelter unfortunate necessity, letter to the editor, July 8 Unfortunately Ms. Midtdal, a volunteer at the Delta Community Animal Shelter, entirely missed the point of my letter regarding the $1.

Cost is worth it to save lives

Editor: Re: Full traffic signal to be installed at 1st and 56th, June 24 and Accounting requested on new traffic signal, letter to the editor, July 1 I do not know where Mr.

Look at the big transit picture

Everyone wants it, but nobody wants to pay for it.

Help local farmers by buying grown in B.C. products

Here we are in the middle of July and we have had maybe one or two days in the twenties? My tomatoes look anemic and my basil is stunted.