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Put garbage incinerator and other questions on ballot this November

Editor: Re: Mayor sorry for radio comment, Aug. 3 I listened to Mayor Lois Jackson on the radio with Bill Good last week as they discussed Metro Vancouver moving forward with requests for proposals for a facility to incinerate garbage.

Palm trees can't hide this traffic gridlock

Editor: As a result of Tsawwassen being described as "strip mall hell" by a U.S. publication, Delta determined a course of action that can be best described as "don't just stand there - panic!" One offending mall was demolished but Mother Corp.

Swim in Boundary Bay brings back fond memories of youth

You know what really matters right now - sunshine! We had some landlubbers in town over the past week and the weather co-operated nicely so we could freely eat corn on the cob on the deck while staying dry and avoiding sweaters.

Word is already out on natural beauty of Centennial Beach

Editor: Re: Hidden jewel gets polishing, July 6, and Hidden gem could be kept secret, Murphy's Law, July 13 Contrary to Mayor Lois Jackson's statement that the word has to get out in regards to the improvements being undertaken at Centennial Beach, t

Funeral home service is above and beyond

Editor: I have never written a letter to the paper, but I felt the unbelievable service/ compassion received from a local business warranted kudos.

Crashers make wait even longer

Sometimes I wish I were one of those people whose time is more valuable than the rest of us. It certainly would have come in handy last Sunday.

Keep poultry where it belongs

Editor: Re: Delta not ready to OK backyard chickens, July 22 I have just returned to Tsawwassen from vacation and while skimming through back copies of the Optimist, I noticed an interesting article on the subject of backyard chickens.

Bureaucrats in the dark on tunnel

Editor: Re: Take steps to minimize tunnel hazards, letter to the editor, July 27 I was pleased to read Mike McConnell's concerns about hazards in the George Massey Tunnel.

Columnist veers all over the road

Editor: Re: Two-wheeled gangs continue to plague other road users, Community Comment, July 27 Dan Southard's anticycling article offends me less as a proud member of a local "two-wheeled gang" than it does as a writer.

Slough is healthy, not dirty

EDITOR: Re: Quasi-park to get even bigger, Murphy's Law, July 27 I was very disappointed to read Ted Murphy's remarks with respect to Chilukhtan Slough. He said the slough was "dirty" and indicated something needed to be done about it.