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Irresponsible pet owners making big shelter unfortunate necessity

Editor: Re: Shelter plan raises taxing questions, letter to the editor, June 29 I volunteer at the Delta Community Animal Shelter and see firsthand the love and care the staff and other volunteers give to animals that for a variety of reasons -- most

Debate over B.C.'s HST: Is it a case of stickmen or stick up?

By now most of us have seen various ads with little stickmen asking about choices for the HST referendum. Many assumed those were the questions being put forward by the independent Elections B.C. Not so.

It's not the way new urbanism is supposed to work

Editor: I'm getting dang sick of hearing about how the Century Group's design plans are examples of "new urbanism.

Delta set precedent for recovering policing costs when it sent bill to Tsawwassen First Nation

Editor: Re: Police costs soar with cup run, June 10 Chief Jim Cessford estimates the bill could be as high as $140,000. Good news, Delta taxpayers, you're off the hook as mayor and council have already set a precedent.

OK to Southlands would pave the way for others

Editor: If you think giving in to Century Group's persistent demands to build houses on farmland will ease the pain of contentious land use discussions please consider the following.

No guarantees on the HST

Editor: When I am exposed to advertising urging voters to keep the HST, I am reminded of the quote: "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Campaign starting to take shape

It's barely July but we already know three main combatants for the mayor's chair this November and, perhaps more telling, the issue that's likely to be at the heart of this fall's campaign.

Government following Huntington on new tax

Editor: Re: MLA's position on HST shows she's no different than governing Liberals, letter to the editor, June 29 Nic Slater wrote criticizing MLA Vicki Huntington, claiming she was just following the government line on the HST.

Indecision over HST continues despite smelly sales pitches

Three weeks have passed since the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, and while just about everything that could be said about it has been said, I'm still going to add my two bits.

MLA playing all sides on HST

Editor: Re: We're better off at 10%: MLA, letter to the editor, July 1 Vicki Huntington might stay away from partisanship when it comes to Liberals and New Democrats but she certainly isn't averse to politicking in its worst form by playing all sides