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Next time try doing something nice for someone

Editor: This letter is to the young gentlemen that shot out the taillight of our car with a rock-filled water balloon while we were playing ball with our eight-year-olds at Dennison Park last Sunday.

Mandatory bicycle helmet is the only sensible government policy

Editor: Quite a few years back I was biking north on 52nd Street in Tsawwassen when a lady pulled out of Saratoga Drive to turn right, ignoring the stop sign.

Dark cloud has given way to sun

What a difference a decade makes.

Development could benefit students

Editor: For those who are against all developments, there are thousands of students who are at the end of their school or university years and will be looking for work. All avenues for their future should be available. H. Fontaine

Bill taking aim at fair wages

Editor: A sneaky provision was included in the monster omnibus budget bill that Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to pass without a chance for discussion or debate.

Outstanding RCMP officers shouldn't be on same page as Robinson

Editor: I would like to express my disappointment in the placing of the article titled Family going back in time next to the article titled Robinson's sentencing postponed until July.

Council of Canadians willing to work with anyone that's trying to preserve farmland

Editor: Re: Farmland future on agenda, May 18 We at the Delta/ Richmond chapter of the Council of Canadians have spoken out with many others on the proposed industrialization of our farmland.

End of the road for funding

Editor: I get boundless pleasure each June reading the letter from Mayor Lois Jackson that is enclosed with my annual municipal tax bill. This year I learned the municipal tax increase of 2.

Advice needed from experts

public given say at hearings

Money for barn but not for heritage house

Editor: Re: Big bucks for barn relocation, May 30 Let me get this straight: Delta council can find $600,000 to save and relocate a barn, but can't manage to come up with any money to save Kittson House? Really? What's wrong with this picture? Ted Lat
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