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Teenager comes in handy

I'm sure it happened long before then, but it was a crystallizing moment nonetheless. It was a few weeks back and we were getting our shoes and jackets on to head out the door.

Delta should look south for example of what can be done with less

Editor: Re: Select few enjoy such increases, Murphy's Law, May 18 Thanks for your editorial on Delta's mayor and council salary increases.

Traffic insanity also applies to Southlands

Editor: Re: Traffic impacts to be 'insane,' May 9 I cannot think of a better word than insanity to describe the predicted traffic congestion that we can expect along Highway 17 if and when the proposed Tsawwassen First Nation mall developments are co

Good neighbour relations will help ensure any problems get resolved

Editor: Thanks to Firth Bateman and Curt Chilcott for their letters giving a more balanced and hopeful view towards better relations between Delta and Tsawwassen First Nation than was the frustration unfortunately expressed by many Delta councillors

Carriers are building stronger town, one doorstep at a time

I have to admit, I have an advantage over everyone else on my block. My kids deliver the paper. Every Wednesday and Friday morning, I can walk out my front door and find bundles of papers waiting to make their way to the neighbourhood doorsteps.

Demands are subject to change

Most subdivisions are proposed, approved and built within a year or two, and cater to the market demands of the day.

Different process needed to establish council pay

Editor: Re: Delta council members vote themselves raise, May 16 The recent news that Delta council has awarded its members another raise is interesting.

Threats haven't worked in the past

Editor: Re: Motivations on farmland don't seem to add up, letter to the editor, May 11 It would seem Douglas Bolen has descended into a state of bullying through his letter.

The rules are changing, but have players been notified?

Do you get the sense we are going at public policy differently these days? Did the prime minister's statement about limiting the time to assess the Northern Gateway Pipeline strike you as a different approach? Does the reduction in Environment Canada

Select few enjoy such increases

Hands up all of you who have seen a 40 per cent jump in your salary over the last five years. I know, it's a preposterous thought given the economic climate we've endured over that time, but I figured I'd ask anyway.
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