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Don't underestimate lacrosse's benefits

Editor: It would be interesting, I think, to look up how many of the Vancouver Giants have gone on to greater things in the hockey world versus those lacrosse players that are currently playing away at school, have graduated from collegiate lacrosse,

Do right thing

Editor: Every time I read the latest update on the Benjamin "Monty" Robinson case, I scratch my head. I am no lawyer, but it all seems pretty straightforward to me.

Only select few enjoy academies

I was on the Delta school district website the other day when I came across a piece on the three new academies that will begin operating this September.

Age shouldn't be determining factor for utility bill

Editor: Re: Seniors shouldn't pay as much as families, letter to the editor, Feb.

Mind your own business

Editor: Despite being very outspoken on the question of crime, Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems far from eager to discuss the legislation he's promised to pass within 100 days of taking office - legislation that will allow online spying without a

Blame yourself for letting cats roam

Editor: Re: Put these neighbourhood bullies in proper place, letter to the editor, Feb.

Older crowd is good for crime rate

Something tells me it's not a coincidence. Last week, Statistics Canada released the first data from last year's census, which showed Delta's population grew by a paltry 3.3 per cent over the previous five years.

Seniors shouldn't pay as much as families

Editor: Re: Utility bill to reach $915 this year, Feb.

Remembering a Delta before tunnel changed area forever

Allow me to introduce myself in a roundabout way and why I am plying pen to paper. I am a born and bred Ladner resident, graduating from "Delta High," the only high school in Delta at the time.

No response on trade zone query

Editor: Obviously I am mistaken, as I had thought the tax-paying public would be entitled to know what is intended with regard to the establishment of an international free trade zone in Canada. So far we do know that both the federal and B.C.
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