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Efficient transport of goods has positive impacts down line

Editor: Re: 'Ten Percent Shift' would help create sustainable economy, Community Comment, April 18 We can magnify the 10 per cent effect of buying locally by demanding the transportation of goods be done as efficiently as possible.

Farmer wants ALR abolished

Editor: I'm so tired of listening to the B.S. about saving the farmland here in Delta. I'm a fifth generation grower and I grow over 500 acres of potatoes, peas and beans in Delta.

Tsawwassen is being forced to speak out again like many times in the past

Editor: How many times must we go round and round the Mulberry Bush with this issue when the general consensus from the population of Tsawwassen going back 20-plus years is to vehemently reject every development proposal for the Southlands.

Save-On, residents support Ladner Community Kitchen

Editor: I am very pleased about the smooth running of the Ladner Community Kitchen that opened in December 2009 and is still going strong.

Sunny days turn black at tunnel

Editor: With the warm and sunny spring and summer days just around the corner, I am reminded of sitting in traffic trying to get through the George Massey Tunnel.

Keep precious farmland for future generations

Editor: Re: Industrial plans for farmland, April 6 I was shocked to learn that politicians are planning to turn 558 acres (226 hectares) of South Delta's agriculture land into commercial warehousing as a part of the B.C.

Express lanes right over tube

I am far from a traffic engineer, transportation planner or anything of the sort, but humour me while I make my pitch to address the traffic headache that is the George Massey Tunnel these days.

Like anything else, you should use your vehicle in moderation

Editor: Re: Tube needs an army of supporters, Murphy's Law, March 23 Ted Murphy's column certainly strikes home. My wife and I travel through the George Massey Tunnel several days a week.

'Ten Percent Shift' would help create sustainable economy

"We have been lied to and bought off and this government needs to know we aren't going to let this development happen.

Removing port trucks will prolong tunnel's life

Editor: Re: Expanded tunnel will up development pressure, letter to the editor, April 6 The George Massey Tunnel is not a "disgrace.
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