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Lost wallet finds way to owner thanks to stranger

Editor: My husband and I were having dinner at Taverna Gorgona last Thursday. On the way back to our car, somehow my wallet fell out of my purse. Later that evening I received a call from the restaurant informing me it had my wallet.

Driver in distress gets help from 'Dave'

Editor: Recently I had just exited the south end of the George Massey Tunnel and was stuck on River Road with an overheated car.

Survey the homefront prior to voicing quality of life worries

People like to talk about "quality of life." I am still trying to understand what that means exactly.

Privacy not compromised by meters

Editor: Re: Meter replacement program getting ahead of itself, letter to the editor, Sept. 9 Smart meters are a safe and cost-effective way to modernize the electricity system for the benefit of all British Columbians.

Union leaders are out of step with reality

Editor: Another year passes, and the apparatchiks of Canada's major labour unions are still mired in their myopic yearning for an obsolete era of entitlement.

Time for public to have say

For all the hot air and newsprint expended on the Southlands over the last few years, precious little debate about the Century Group's plans has actually taken place in an official setting. That's something Sean Hodgins wants to rectify.

Mayors continue to buy TransLink argument

Editor: As P. T. Barnum observed: "There is a sucker born every minute", and with the regional mayors goose-stepping in unison with TransLink's demand for more money, it seems we are governed by suckers.

Trail of garbage provides good clue that kids have returned to school

Editor: Well, it's easy to tell the kids are back at school these days. The sidewalks within a three-block radius of the high school are once again littered with empty pizza boxes, discarded snack wrappers and half-eaten sandwiches.

What's the point of area plans if they're not being followed?

What do Delta area plans and requests for information from Delta taxpayers have in common? Apparently quite a bit.

Valuable lesson in HST fiasco

I'm not sure governments necessarily learn the lessons provided by history, but the recent HST fiasco offers a valuable teaching point.
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