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Find a home you love with Vancouver home building company

DVL Homes has been constructing homes for the way people live today

When Anne and Grant Robertson were looking to purchase a home in South Surrey, they hadn’t thought of purchasing a spec home—a home that is built by a developer without a specific buyer in mind. That changed when they found DVL Homes, a multiple award-winning home building company.

“Our realtor had sold a home built by DVL Homes, and he spoke very highly about the builder, Nick Dosanjh,” says Anne. “So, we went to DVL Homes’ website and found a home we loved.”

The couple purchased a 4,300 square foot residence in West Elgin Estates. In some high-end spec houses, a buyer who gets in early enough also has the option to customize. That was the case for this professional couple and their pre-teen daughter.

“I told Nick that my daughter loved rainbows on the ceiling. He found an artist to paint wispy clouds on the ceiling,” says Grant. “For Nick, it’s not just a house he is building, he thought about our needs and how to make it functional and beautiful for our family. There’s no cutting corners with DVL Homes.” 

Both went on to say: “I feel like we are getting a custom home. Nick’s homes are like works of art… the attention to detail is second to none. Even the landscaping is stunning; we are in awe.”

The pandemic has changed the way we live in our homes.

Since 2004, DVL Homes has been constructing homes for the way people live today.  There is no secret that COVID-19 has changed what people want of their living spaces, and how these needs might be reflected in future home design, renovations and buying choices.

That is something DVL Homes has always took into consideration.

“My main focus has always been on functionality first,” says Nick Dosanjh, DVL Homes principal. “Since the pandemic, people have changed their lifestyles by spending much more time at home. They want at-home-gyms to stay active, more professional office space, as well as fabulous outdoor entertainment space, like pergolas, sport courts and fully equipped kitchens.”

Without long work commutes, people are also finding themselves with plenty of time to cook, bake, exercise and enjoy other hobbies. To accommodate these various needs, Dosanjh anticipates flex or “pop-up” spaces will become even more popular. 

“People are putting in home-theatres, steam rooms or saunas,” Dosanjh says. 

Many in the construction industry believe these changes may become the new normal.

“All this time indoors has made people reflect on the importance of time spent with family,” says Dosanjh.

DVL Homes echoes this new normal with spaces that are warm, inviting and beautiful.

Not only has the pandemic shifted what people want in a home, it has also changed how they shop for homes.

Prospective buyers are going to social media platforms in greater numbers when they’re seriously considering buying a home. They want the social proof to reassure themselves they’re making a good choice.

Follow DVL Homes on Instagram at @dvlhomes to see updates on new and completed projects, including their work with HGTV’s Property Brothers.

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