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Here’s how to find the best tires for your vehicle and get them installed right at your home

TireMobile by Fountain Tire will bring their top-notch tire products and services over to your Lower Mainland doorstep!
Fountain Tire TireMobile

Over the last year and a half, the demand for personalized service, wherever and whenever we want it, has increased. From having dinner delivered through Uber Eats, household items shipped by Amazon, or even a couch assembled by a TaskRabbit, it seems like every purchase and every service can be sent right to your doorstep. 

One service that stands to benefit from an on-the-go offering is car maintenance. If it’s tough to take time off in the middle of the afternoon, or you just don’t have time to wait around at the auto shop, getting tire and vehicle service can be a challenge to coordinate.

To meet the needs of busy drivers in the Lower Mainland, Fountain Tire can bring their tire products and services right to you with their brand new mobile service.

Fountain Tire TireMobile. Photo: Fountain Tire.

Fountain Tire TireMobile brings tire sales, tire installations, and seasonal tire changeovers to your driveway, and even offers tire storage services at their off-site storage facilities.

As a response to the changes in the way people shop and feedback from their customers, the service combines the ease of online booking with the convenience of contact-free, at-home service – that’s right, no waiting rooms or drop-offs and pick-ups required! – by a certified tire technician.

“We launched TireMobile because our customers were looking for the convenience of online shopping and at-home service, without sacrificing the high-quality products and professional installation they’ve come to trust with us,” says Nason Higinbotham, Director, Southern BC Stores at Fountain Tire. 

“At Fountain Tire, we say ‘we’re on this road together. That means listening and responding to the market and to our customers.’”

Each Fountain Tire TireMobile tire installation or changeover includes a digital vehicle inspection, during which photos and videos are taken of a vehicle’s tires, brakes and mechanical systems. A report is sent directly to the customer’s phone or computer, so you can see exactly what the technician sees and keep track of the health of your vehicle. By regularly maintaining your vehicle, you will stay safer on the road. 

With TireMobile, Fountain Tires aims to help remove barriers that may prevent drivers from staying safe when driving, such as selecting the right seasonal tires.

When it comes to choosing the right tires for your car, there’s a lot to consider. Everything from the tire type to the tread depth will make a difference to your driving, and you also have to factor in details such as the make of your vehicle and the conditions you’ll be driving in. 

All-Season, All-Weather, and Winter Tires. Photo: Fountain Tire.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main tires you will find yourself choosing from — winter tires, all-weather tires, and all-season tires. 


Winter tires are designed to help keep you safe in colder weather conditions by providing superior acceleration, braking, and handling in cool and cold temperatures. 

For those looking to go road tripping this fall and winter season, it’s important to note that many B.C. highways require passenger vehicles to be equipped with winter tires between October 1 and March 31. This includes the Sea-to-Sky Highway and routes north and east of Hope.


All-weather tires are designed to handle the roads during any season. Combining the benefits of both all-season and snow tires, all-weather tires cover you throughout the year — meaning they meet the standard for winter use while still being usable for spring, summer, and autumn.


All-season tires are designed for driving in warm, dry conditions. They provide a quieter ride and longer tread life, but lose grip and increase braking distance when the thermometer drops below 7 degrees Celsius. 

If you’re unsure whether your tires are acceptable for highway regulations, check the sidewall of the tire. Winter tires and all-weather tires are marked with a symbol of a snowflake inside a three-peaked mountain. Tires marked with an “M+S,” indicating mud and snow, are also accepted under winter conditions in B.C. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase new or change over to winter tires, all-weather or all-season tires, Fountain Tire can help you select the perfect fit for your driving needs with their wide inventory of tires for cars, SUVs, CUVs, minivans and trucks — and bring them right to your front door. 

TireMobile is available in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Appointments can be booked in participating cities at or through participating Fountain Tire stores.