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Home comforts, hotel luxury: Bedding brand gives the best of both worlds

Based in Delta, Northern Feather Canada crafts luxury bedding for some of the world’s largest hotel brands, now their eco-friendly products are available to anyone seeking an amazing night's sleep, whether in a hotel or at home
By refusing to outsource production, Northern Feather Canada is able to keep costs down while ensuring quality is at an all-time high. Photo via iStock

For some, the best part of staying in a nice hotel isn’t the food, the mini bar selection, or the pool…

It’s the beds.

Voluminous, soft, crisp, cool, and no matter where you are staying, it’s always more comfortable than what you have at home. Funnily enough, much of the luxurious cloud-like bedding that adorns the world’s most beautiful hotel rooms is actually made right here in Delta, and it’s now available with or without a hotel room key.

Originally founded in Denmark in 1901, Northern Feather Canada is based in the Tilbury area of Delta, B.C. As the only Canadian bedding manufacturer with in-house IDFL-certified testing, state-of-the-art processing, and automated manufacturing, they craft superior down and fiber-filled bedding products with precision, including pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, and bed linens.

Formerly only available to hotel brands like Fairmont, Shangri La, Rosewood, Pan Pacific and Marriott, 

Northern Feather Canada now operates an e-commerce store with a wide range of products available to order online, including pillows that adapt to your unique sleep style, duvets meticulously crafted for the perfect balance of warmth and breathability, and mattress toppers that transform your bed into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Sounds like a vacation to us.

Despite utilizing the highest and most technically advanced standards in manufacturing in conjunction with organic materials, humanely sourced down, and BSCI-certified suppliers, Northern Feather Canada has managed to keep their direct-to-consumer prices below the industry standard. This isn’t a promotion or a sale either, it’s simply how they operate.

“Roughly 96% of our products are manufactured in our Delta facility”, says John Le, Northern Feather Canada Vice President. 

“We pride ourselves on quality and control every aspect of production. This includes sourcing raw materials that meet our standards and refusing shipments that do not.”

The down and feather used by Northern Feather Canada come pre-washed, and further processing does not incorporate any chemicals, all products are also Oeko-tex certified. Photo via Northern Feather Canada

By refusing to outsource production the way most other brands have, Northern Feather Canada is able to keep costs down while ensuring quality is at an all-time high. Take their Siberian Snow Goose Down Pillow; its lyocell shell fabric allows air to circulate, wicking away moisture and regulating temperature as you sleep while the reinforced double-stitched piped edges ensure the sought-after 850+ fill power Siberian Snow Goose Down stays exactly where it should.

While quality and cost are at the top of mind when purchasing new bedding, how the products are made and even shipped has also become an important consideration for conscious shoppers. 

“Using raw materials that are not compostable, reusable, or recyclable, plastic bags and packaging, using harsh chemicals and soaps for cleaning down and feathers… bedding practices can have negative impacts on the environment” explains Le. 

“We have switched over to LDPE plastic, which is a sustainable material. Our down and feather comes pre-washed and further processing does not incorporate any chemicals – all our products are also Oeko-tex certified.”

You can browse all of Northern Feather Canada’s products and learn more about their practices by visiting their new online store HERE.

It’s estimated that you’ll spend 33 years of your life in bed. Why make that time feel like work when it could feel like a vacation? Through a unique amalgamation of heritage, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and commitment to luxury, Northern Feather Canada has truly taken an everyday product and made it one-of-a-kind.

To learn more or buy your new bedding today, visit