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New South Delta early learning centre offers a well-rounded pre-K program

A new South Delta early learning centre opens this September in the building that used to host Renaissance Kids
Bright Horizons offers programs for ages 12 months to three years old.

Bright Horizons Children’s Early Learning Centre head of school Hannah Bains was previously the program manager of Renaissance Kids Tsawwassen.

Her goal is to offer a well-rounded program that balances early academics, health and wellness, and play-based activities.

“Our philosophy is to create a program where we’re able to offer early academics while still encouraging young children’s passions, imagination and creativity,” Bains says.

“We see a lot of programs that are either strictly play-based or strictly academic. We’re trying to offer something in the middle.”

Bright Horizons’ program combines early academics with health and wellness to ensure young children are receiving a well-rounded early education.

“Our program has been created to provide young families in our community with a program that blends a variety of early learning philosophies to create a unique learning experience that all diverse children can benefit from,” Bains says.

Bright Horizons welcomes each child’s individuality, and the core of their curriculum is promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Creating a well-rounded, balanced early education program is based on Bains’ personal experience with a variety of early education programs.

Bains is a graduate of the Langara Early Childhood Education program. After graduation and experience in the field, she has used that knowledge to build a safe space that is focused on physical and mental well-being of children.

“I’ve seen the benefits of both play based learning and structured academic learning, and finding that balance is very important when working with young children.”

“The thing that is considered above all else is what is working for the families and for the children in our care. We want parents to feel comfortable and confident in our services by seeing their children happy, healthy and safe,” Bains says.

Bright Horizons offers two programs, an Infant and Toddler Program for ages 12 months to three years old. The second one is a Junior Kindergarten program for ages three to five years old.

The programs will offer morning and afternoon circle time, activities and lessons promoting independence and self help skills, uninterrupted time for open ended play, discovery and exploration, an introduction to language arts, introduction to math, science and sensory exploration, nutrition education, cooking time and music.

The centre will also be offering meditation, yoga and sports to encourage the children’s physical wellbeing as well as gross motor development.

They’ll also be offering a French class for children ages three to five to sit with a teacher in circle time. A basic introduction to French will also be shared with its infant and toddler program through music, letters and numbers to ensure all groups are learning in an age-appropriate way.

“Children can learn language at a faster pace than at any other time of their lives. We feel it is very beneficial to introduce more than one language to children during early years for this reason,” Bains says.

There are several exciting programs planned for the school in the near future, including field trips.

“I believe it is important to get out into the community with children so that they can learn through hands on experiences at a young age and begin to recognize that we all have a responsibility to do our part within the community,” Bains says.

Bright Horizons hopes that children will also be able to make intergenerational connections through the Big Buddies program with older children and through Senior Pals program where the children will get to visit senior homes in the South Delta community.

“These types of programs teach children compassion and care, and those connections reinforce what it means to be part of the community,” Bains says.

Bright Horizons Children's Early Learning Centre opens in September 2021. For registration and inquiries, email [email protected] or visit