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Now hiring: 5 reasons Ocean Trailer is a great place to work

Western Canada’s trailer specialist believes their employees are the heart of the business

Sid Keay, president of Ocean Trailer, and his son Mack Keay, sales, and marketing manager, are proud of the successful business the Keay family has grown for 40 years. 

Started in 1981 by Sid’s father Chuck Keay, Ocean Trailer buys, sells, leases, rents and services Super B, flatbeds, and reefer trailers. Expanding over western Canada, the brand now has seven locations, including Delta, Surrey, Nanaimo, Calgary, Edmonton, Prince Rupert, Winnipeg, along with a satellite location in Prince George.

“We cherish all our relationships, whether it’s with a customer, supplier or employee,” says Sid. Speaking of the latter, “our standards are high, we’ve raised the bar, and we encourage people to do their absolute best.

“Those that can reach the moon - to the top of the pick-up truck - are the most valuable members of the team,” he laughs.

As an employer of 250 people, Ocean Trailer decided back in March 2020, when Covid-19 quickly became a household word, not to lay off any employees. “We committed to doing that,” says Sid. “We had the financial capability to be able to, and chose not to, pay ourselves so we could continue paying our people.”

Good karma has been at play because nearly two years later, the company is busier than ever.

Looking to come on board with a company that values and invests in its employees? Here are five reasons you should consider a career at Ocean Trailer:

1. Investing in the team

With no-cost health benefits, tax-free insurance coverage, a profit-share bonus annually around Christmas that is based on performance and seniority, a $500 annual fitness allowance, plus scholarship opportunities available for employees’ children – an appealing package is offered. Employees regularly have opportunities to obtain free tickets to sporting events and concerts in all locations as well.

Salaries are fair, with an excellent annual review process that provides feedback and speaks to the inclusive culture of Ocean Trailer. Stretching the brand’s positive, inclusive outlook even further, “we pride ourselves in who we are in the community, we support good causes, like the hospital foundations in every city we operate,” says Sid.

2. Moving within the company

With so many locations across western Canada, employees can relocate to other branches within the company, should family situations or desire to move to another city arise.

Vertical ‘moves’ happen as well, with “even one of our top salesmen, who’s been with us 25 years now, changing roles a few times,” recalls Sid. 

“I remember when he was 18 years old out there on the floor pulling wrenches.”

3. A fishing lodge corporate retreat

The Keay family owns Duncanby Lodge at Rivers Inlet on BC’s Central Coast. Every year, 40 employees are invited to try their hand at sport fishing and enjoy some R and R in the great outdoors.

Sid travels around to every branch at least once a year and grills up the salmon caught at the fishing lodge for the teams to enjoy.

4. Friday group lunches

Every second Friday, in every one of the 8 locations, some of the staff cook for the team. “We have kitchens and barbecues at each branch and an international melting pot of staff from every corner of the world,” says Sid. With ethnic foods from Ethiopia, Asia, Serbia, Pakistan and more served up hot and delicious, who needs to brown bag it that day?

5. Diamonds and gold for every staff member

It’s true. Every employee is gifted a gold ring with the Ocean Trailer logo, and one diamond is added every five years. “We recognize each person, and we have 250 employees,” says Sid, who knows each staff member by name.

Interested in a job with Ocean Trailer? Visit for more information about the company and career application process.